Asturian brief history of women's football

Asturian brief history of women's football
Ike shirts, first champion of Asturias.

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The serious injury suffered in January this year by the defense sportinguista Eider Hidalgo and high recent and possible debut for the next day, It is the engine that drives this Article. A small tour of the Asturian women's football, by a group of girls who are devoting effort and void, or almost, reward, They have been practicing the sport they love for over half a century.

The first women's football match in Spain, organized by Francisco Bru, which was the first Spanish coach and under his command was achieved the silver medal at the Olympics in Antwerp, I played the Giralda and Montserrat. They won the first by 2-1 and both teams were composed of players from Spanish Girls, linked to RCD Spanish. Later, They played four exhibition games by other Catalan towns like Reus and Sabadell. They also had signed a tour of France, due to the outbreak of First World War It was not performed.

After the failed tour, the team disappeared. The next reference to women's football (with the exception of a charity match between a combined French and other English players in the year 1923) We are also found in the Barcelona of the year 1931, the teams, formed for the occasion only, were the Spain Football Club Barcelona and the Women's Football Club Valencia, in a match played in Barcelona Capital. Finally, it was reduced to an anecdote and women's football was not developed and passed, almost, ostracism or folclorismo.

During years women's football He was reduced to the ridiculous and tacky that had nothing to do with the promotion of sport, but something like a circus, with folk games against "modern" or movies like "Iberian", even though, parallel some girls fighting equipment, no official competitions, to build something serious.


Between them, In asturias, born in 1956, without any option to play any tournament or friendly match against a "serious" team, Parts of Sama, later Club Soccer pieces Langreo, dedicating himself to play matches against any teams of local girls by different Asturian towns. The Spaniard women's football starts walking.

From the sixties, He began to have some common air, like the corresponding singles match against married, play a match, on the occasion of the festivities, a team of girls from the village against the neighboring village, or the always outstanding to seize the slightest opportunity, Parts of Sama. In the early sixties, other teams imitate them, including Club Deportivo Barredos, with such a headstrong as poor football and a public with little interest in supporting them sportingly, In most cases.

In 1970, a fundamental fact occurs, so that Spain will start taking seriously moderately women's football, The RCD Spanish Create your own section, their own equipment. After, There were other clubs who bet decisively after by the girls as Levante one he Vallecano Ray. Later came shopping, the Ath Bilbao It took the Leioa, the Sevilla with Hispalis, the Valencia with the German School, until arriving, to the present day, the recent acquisition by Tacón Real Madrid.


As the Asturian women's football, Susana Morán It was one of the women who did most for the sport at the organizational level, always in the shadow of the true champion of football for girls: Manolo Badás. A) Yes, in 1971 It was disputed 1er women's football championship Gijon. They were contested by four teams qualifying system in Santa Cruz Stadium, Industrial field Gijón: Ike shirts, Tabacalera, Sincos y Deportivo Orensana Tremañes. It was the trophy Lightning and won the Ike shirts.

In the season 1971-72 Federated born the first women's football competition Asturian, with own federation, Since the Real spanish soccer federation not joined the football practiced by women to 1980, with Pablo Porta President.

In the first championship of Asturias, He participated five teams and was played by league system four laps. The names of the clubs were “less fortunate” (from my point of view) Ike shirts Gijon, the Sirens Football Club (Luanco), they had some connection and support of Marino, The Club The Wild Barredo, the Football Club Pieces (Langreo) Y Black pearls (Carbayín).

The winning team was Ike shirts Asturias championship and kept some continuity in time, until absorption of competitions by rfaF. That same year, 1971, Sporting ceded the field of Fresno, which trained the first team and played its subsidiary and lower equipment, to dispute a women's football match. I played two teams of high school students of Calderon de la Barca. entry was gained and the money was intended to cover the study tour COU.


In a small nod, which would be completed much later, the Sporting Gijon, create your team girls 1995, then move to call Mareo College Football. The Industrial Gijón He also had a single season women's team, Sirens Luanco, They were linked to Marino and Piloñesa, but he did not play federated, He came to participate with such a name in a summer tournament.

In the year 1985, is founded, the most important women's football club Asturian (the most seasons played in the top flight, Asturias): the Mexico Club Oviedo, would later become Tradehi and later on Oviedo Moderno (nowadays, although not part of the structure of the club carbayón, bears the coat colors and name Real Oviedo).

His first appearance was in the Tournament of Friendship Corredoria and name of the club, He was given by the patronage of bar Mexico of that neighborhood oventense, choosing the color green T-shirt Aztec selection as uniform. One of its presidents, at the time when it was called Tradehi, it was after Real Oviedo, Eugenio Prieto. Tradehi, the first Spaniard team that played in the top flight women's football (She amounted season 1989-1990).

They changed the original green by the blue for the simple reason that they had no money for the uniforms and the Royal Spanish Football Federation sent them these Azulones for free,with edging of the Spanish flag, very similar to those of Getafe of the season 2018-19. So late, despite having registered with the green jersey that was theirs, changed colors, what, and subsequently they recovered by the name of Oviedo Moderno. parallel, other teams had remarkable presence and success in women's football in the Asturian: the romanon one he Racing Principality, for example.

Gijon, We had to wait a little longer to have a club in the top flight. It was not until the season 2004-05 in which Female Gijón He defeated Estartit in promoting rise. He played only the 2005-06, that same year descending.

As for the Asturian selection, The first meeting was held in Santa Cruz, a 26 April 1986. The coach was Maria Rosa Tuya, coach parts Langreo. During 15 days were training in Mareo to prepare the meeting. Asturias lost 1 a 4 against the Galician selection, shot more and more experience Asturian.

were also key training courses for players who, initiative of Vega-Arango, They were organized by the Football Federation Asturiana Gijon. All were small and expensive steps, and those left to give. The most obvious was the match at El Molinon, between Gijón Female, playing at home, and the Sporting Gijon, by overcoming the rojiblancas 1 a 7.

But success was not so much the result but have come to get 9.750 spectators in the stadium, an unprecedented event in Asturias any sporting event, and which is a necessary dose of visibility for football practiced by girls, still far, in many aspects, male, but he progresses without delay as they did previously with other team sports handball and basketball. And it will.

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