Teams that played the World Cup final and maybe you don't remember

Teams that played the World Cup final and maybe you don't remember
The Hungarian national team 1954. One of the best in history (Pinterest)

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The world Cup football is the most prestigious tournament at national team level. In this article we are going to recall the cases of three teams that played the world cup final Y, maybe, you do not remember.

The countries that played in the World Cup final and today are far from repeating it

-Czechoslovakia in 1934: The Czechoslovaks not only managed to reach the final of the World 1934 held in Italy, in fact, They had a very strong team., perfectly, could have won the title. But nevertheless, in a tournament organized in Italy in a very specific context, beating the hosts seemed completely impossible. The champion was decided in extra time in which the Italians, before the watchful eye of Mussolini, they achieved victory.

world 1934
The World 1934 was controlled by the fascist regime of Mussolini (Pinterest)

-hungary in 1938: Four years later, at World 1938 held in France, it was the hungarians who reached the final. his rival, again, Italy. This time on the scoreboard it was somewhat more forceful and the Italian team managed to prevail by 4-2. This was, without a doubt, the prelude to a Hungarian team that would become one of the best teams in the world years later.

-hungary in 1954: had to wait 16 years so that, again, Hungary will play a World Cup final. We are facing one of the best teams in history, led, Of course, for the mythical Puskas. The Hungarian team not only made it to the game that was to define the title but was also the big favorite. But nevertheless, in the final played in Bern (Switzerland) the Germans gave the surprise winning by 3-2 a match that Hungary seemed to have control.

-Sweden 1958: The Swedes did a good job of being the host at World 1958 Y, Against all odds, managed to qualify for the final played in Solna. yes, the dream of Sweden it lasted very little since his rival, the Brazil of a young man 18 years called Pelé and great stars like Garrincha, didn't give him any choice. The marker says it all: 5-2 for the Brazilians who, thus, won the first World Cup in its history.

skin 1958
A young Pele, that barely had 18 years, cries after winning the World Cup 1958 (Youtube)

-Czechoslovakia in 1962: Once again the Czechoslovakian team returned to a World Cup final. This time it was in the edition of 1962 held in Chile. Just like four years before, the Brazil's Pele He clearly beat his rival for the title (3-1). What was brewing, for many, is the best national team of all time: The Brazil of 1970 what, again, I would be champion.

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