The summer that the Greek team worked the miracle

The summer that the Greek team worked the miracle
The Greek team 2004 performed one of the great feats in the history of football. PHOTOMONTAGE: Football retro

Greece has never been, much less, one of the most powerful teams on the continent. Because, and due to the absence of big stars in their squad, when he stood in the Eurocup 2004, no one took his candidacy seriously. But nevertheless, thanks to very defensive football and perhaps because her rivals underestimated her, achieved one of the biggest surprises in the history of continental football.


A surprisingly good rating

Greece's path to the European Championship in Portugal began like that of all teams: for the classification for the same. The Greek national team had to go through the qualifiers, where they crossed paths with Spain, Ukraine, Armenia and Northern Ireland. From the beginning, Otto Rehhagel's team showed great strength: despite the fact that Spain was the great favorite of the group, the greeks came first, entering as seeded in the tournament that was held in the summer of 2004.

The group stage and first rounds

In the group stage draw, once again, Greece had three very difficult teams, that foreshadowed the prompt elimination of the Hellenes. Portugal, Spain and Russia were the rivals, and only the local team could finish ahead in the group stage. Greece beat the hosts by 1-2 in Porto, while the draw against Spain and the subsequent defeat of The Red against Portugal they were enough, against the forecast Betfair and world football fans.

But nevertheless, The Greek fairy tale did not end there. The quarterfinal match pitted them against France, defender of the title achieved four years earlier and finalist of the World Cup 2006, just two years later. But nevertheless, The great Greek defensive solidity was all the team needed... in addition to a goal from a very inspired Angelos Charisteas.

The semi-final, this time, It was with a rival much inferior to France, but he had Milan Baros up his sleeve, which made the Czech Republic the favorite in the soccer bets. The Czech Republic had the tournament's top scorer in its favor, but once again, the Hellenic defense dried up its rival. In the minute 105, already in the extra time, They scored the only goal of the game and managed to reach the final... against their first rival of the tournament.

The final and the Greek ecstasy

The final against Portugal was the climax of this football fairy tale. Greece, coming in as the clear underdog, maintained its defensive and strategic approach. Angelos Charisteas' goal became the symbol of the Greek victory: a goal that came from a corner kick, highlighting Greece's effectiveness in the aerial game. This final was not only a tactical triumph, but also a triumph of team cohesion and determination.

Greece's feat in the European Championship 2004 had a significant impact on the world of football. He showed that success does not depend exclusively on having superstars or an impressive track record., but also the strategy, team unity and tactical execution. The legacy of this triumph is reflected in how teams considered 'small’ are inspired by this example to challenge the 'greats'’ in future competitions.

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