That unforgettable afternoon in the Rico Pérez

That unforgettable afternoon in the Rico Pérez
Time when Eduardo Rodriguez is about to kick the foul would mean the 3-2 for Hercules (capture Youtube)

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The 21 March 1993 It was an unforgettable day for a server. That afternoon they faced the hércules CF and the Levante UD at Jose Rico Perez Stadium in a corresponding match of the day 29 Group III of the Second Division B.

Many think that the meeting was not the most glamorous and that the scenario was not to throw rockets but for the eyes of a child 10 years it was like a final Champions League.

to get started, like Levante Stadium I was the only one who had ever known, the herculano fiefdom was huge for the bronze category that welcomed both sets at that time.

Hercules Y Levante were two cockerels seeking to escape from the well of Second B which had recently fallen. Alicantinos would achieve the same season, granota would have to wait three long years.

QUINI vs. Rodriguez

Shortly after starting, the visitors had already given two almost lethal clawing his rival through his big star, Quini Joaquín Béjar. Barca striker scored two goals that left iced the parish herculana.

But nevertheless, that would be a game charged with emotion and even break the score was still 0-2 for visitors, in resuming the thing would change radically.

Paco Lopez, herculano forward and current coach granota, It would be replaced by injury Paco Moon. From there a figure emerged above the rest and was determined to compete with Quini for being the man of the match: Eduardo Rodriguez.

The top scorer in the history of Herculaneum club scored two goals that served to turn around the marker and bring the madness to the stands.

With the final whistle, that child 10 years to the football bug had bitten years ago, he returned home trying to process everything that had lived in the José Rico Pérez Alicante.

Indeed he had not seen the best players in the Spanish League moment but that stadium, that environment and the battle between two of the top scorers in history both clubs were more than enough. FOOTBALL afternoon capitalized, regardless of the category it was.

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