Selections wore T-shirts with advertising throughout history

Selections wore T-shirts with advertising throughout history
The Argentina shirt with Renault advertising (Aguantenche)

The modern football long ago it became a moneymaker. The main objective of the club is simply to increase revenue. However there is a rule prohibiting advertising shirts with national teams although throughout history have been cases that have not been taken into account.

As it explained in Article VII of the Rules of FIFA in terms of equipment “It is strictly prohibited all forms of advertising for sponsors, manufacturers (if it exceeds the dimensions of manufacturer identification allowed) and / or third parties, and any political statement, religious, personnel and / or any other on any of the pieces of play equipment to be used temporarily or permanently in the controlled area of ​​the stadium or taken there for any party”. (Source: futbloglin).


As we discussed in another article, at club level first shirts advertising began to be seen in Germany and were gradually reaching other leagues. A level selections we have had several cases we make eyes bleed. We go over the:


One of the selections decided to skip this rule was neither more nor less than Brazil. The 'cananrinha’ She stamped the logo of their sponsor Coca Cola in his shirt 1987 to face Chile. Like is logic, Brazilian federation was sanctioned by the FIFA and finally they withdrew shirts advertising.

Brazil Coca Cola
Brazil was one of the first to ride roughshod FIFA standard (Photo: Aguantenche)


It was not the only case. Another great selection, Argentina, he played a match with logo Renault. It is true that every law, made the trap and knew how to dodge the norm. In this case, The Albiceleste did not look his usual sports brand (The Coq Sportif) and instead he wore Adidas. further, Elastic not look the shield GRANDPA to avoid major problems. yes, it was an exhibition devoid of any officers.


The selection of Colombia It was a step further and wore T-shirts with advertising itself unabashedly in two friendlies faced him 1993 the selections U.S Y Chile. This time it was the brand of beer Bavaria which it was placed on the chest of Colombian footballers. Like is logic, again FIFA He sanctioned with fines corresponding to the Colombian Federation.

T-shirts advertising
One of the best selections of Colombia with advertising on your shirt 1993 (Photo:


In more modern times there have been several national teams have flirted with mainstream advertising their shirts. ING Netherlands, Germany Mercedes and Volkswagen after first or even SEAT Spain with Iberdrola or. It looks at the moment most of their sponsors logos on T-shirts and workout clothes although it seems increasingly inevitable T-shirts with advertising who arrived years ago clubs will end by winning the elastic sacred national teams.

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