Colombia Copa America champion 2001

Colombia Copa America champion 2001
The selection of Colombia who won the Copa America in 2001 (Photo: futbolred)

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It is one of the greatest achievements of Colombian football team in its history. The combined coffee managed to become champion of the Copa America 2001 and is also the host and displaying great football.

It was the 2001 a Copa America atypical because it was not involved Argentina, which he considered that the security of the Colombian country was not optimal, Y Brazil He did not come with all its stars (Ronaldo and Rivaldo, quote an example, They stayed home).

Nonetheless, None of this should detract from what they got Colombians. They managed to win the title winning all matches, both the group stage, quarter finals, semifinals and finals but also did without conceding a single goal in the tournament. Players led by Maturana, They took advantage of an historic opportunity to achieve a long title that had long craved.


Framed in Group A along with Chile, Ecuador and Venezuela, They managed three wins. First they endorsed a 2-0 Venezuelans with goals from Grisales and Aristizabal. Later they were imposed by 1-0 to Venezuela with another goal Aristizábal and finally they repeated result 2-0 against the Chileans Aristizabal and Arriaga as anotadores.

Thus the Colombian team qualified for the quarterfinals where he faced Peru to which swept from the field with a clear 3-0 with doublet Aristizabal it was sweet and a goal of Hernández. They reached the semifinals and, To everyone's surprise, the opponent was Honduras who had defeated Brazil by 2-0 in the quarterfinals starring in the blockbuster tournament.

The coffee not failed and got into the final beating Honduran goals from Bedoya Y… Why not? Aristizábal, who achieved his sixth of the competition target.

Colombia was in the final and the rival would be an invited team to this Copa America How was it Mexico. It was a game very stuck and even where Mexicans tried to spoil the party for the home side but eventually, a goal from captain Ivan Cordoba, who was then playing in the Inter de Milan, in the minute 65 He left the title at home. Was a 29 July 2001 in Bogota, Today, It remains one of the greatest feats of the Colombian national team.

Since then, despite the fact that the coffee team has had great footballers, no new titles have been achieved.

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