eternal hatred to modern football

eternal hatred to modern football
Fans have been protesting against the modern football for years (Photo: The Other Football)

Last update October 17, 2019 by Javier Argudo

The Professional Football League and the RFEF seem committed to continue feeding this eternal hatred to modern football. The attempt of some to try to take league games abroad and others to end dispute (moment of Supercopa) also outside our country and formats' modern’ whose sole purpose is to squeeze the most of the goose that lays golden eggs and to increase revenue makes it increasingly less like football we met when we were kids.


In fact, very recently that it has been disputed the final of the Supercopa of Spain between FC Barcelona and the Sevilla FC in Tanger (Morocco), something that seems to be just the beginning. Now besides this trophy they are played by four teams instead of two (League champion against champion Cup, as life). Nonsense after another.

After a first attempt last season that he wanted to wear a Girona-Barcelona To united states, now it seems that things are going more seriously. as reported The confidential, it looks like the game for Week 16 National League Championship 2019-2020 to face the Villarreal y al Atletico Madrid It will be held at the Hard Rock Stadium de Miami and not in the stadium 'groguet'.

I am aware that it is utopian to want to return football we met when we were kids. Football our parents and grandparents. The Sunday afternoon while listening to the other parties and results in radio and television saw only a game on Saturday night. But it is also true that business is swallowing the sport that we like some and the worst of it is that it is paying the usual: the ordinary fan.

Football has long ceased to be what it was, which we made him many enamoráramos us, to become a money machine that crushes everything in its path and I think we should speak out. Football fans in the stands no longer makes sense. Football weekdays, with impossible schedules for many, all because you have to issue all parties one after another so they can be seen on TV.


Nor do I pretend to be a hypocrite and I understand the business side has always had this sport. It is understood to be generating as much financial resources in order to have the best players in our league, but without indecent. Footballers have long ceased to earn the money they should and went to collect figures that embarrass anyone. They are the protagonists and must earn the money they generate, but not vice versa. It now must be prostituting football for them to earn what they earn because otherwise… They will leave for another league.

In football there is something sacred and is the amateur who comes every Sunday (but forgiveness is the custom) to the stadium. But nevertheless, today, It is mounted under this racket, It seems to be the least pint. What if, I recognize that however much critical to modern football'm the first to renew the subscription for my team each season and pay for the remaining games on TV. Maybe we should not do it and would have to abandon this travesty in which some have become what we like. Football that we inherited from our parents and grandparents and that nowadays nothing seems.


Worst of all is that clubs are the first to fall silent and should not do. Remember that certain equipment without the rest there is no football, no league. If to have the top stars in our league we have to go one 2 September at 12:00 am more than 30 degrees stadium, or Thursday at 22:00 night I am having to go to work the next day, or your team plays one Copa del Rey final abroad to fans who come from another country rather than those who really feel that shield, I prefer to return to football before and stars to play in the Chinese league or Arabic. Definitely, It can not be that to have “Messi” Y “Christians” we go down the usual pants.


Javier Argudo

PC Football changed my life.

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