The day the Sporting 'copied’ the shield to the Royal Society

The day the Sporting 'copied’ the shield to the Royal Society
Shields Real Sociedad and Real Sporting in its infancy.

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The Real Sporting Gijon and the Real Sociedad de Fútbol They are two historic clubs Spanish league. Both have a long history and are very loyal to its identity since its inception. But nevertheless, football history is full of curiosities and today we bring to all our readers one.


The Spaniard set was officially founded in 1905 and since its inception dressed rojiblanco but as regards their shield There were several before settling the current. One of its first presidents, Enrique Guisasola, donostiarras had origins (his family was Guipuzcoa).

The curious thing is that this logo only know that it was used on one occasion, in particular in December 1920 on the occasion of a tribute party Fernando Villaverde. That day was given a gold badge with the emblem, object in the possession of his descendants. But nevertheless, this shield does not appear on any official document or gijonés club was never embroidered on Team T-Shirt.

Meanwhile, the shield of the Real society and it was used by the San Sebastian club from 1910. Its evolution has changed little, beyond the loss of the crown with the arrival of the Republic which also affected Sporting Gijon as we explained in a previous article.

The Real Sporting Gijon already he had a shield much more recognizable, with different tweaks, the current at the end of the decade 1920 but it is curious that in a fleeting moment of its history were to have one virtually identical to the Real society with the only change from the initial club and colors.

In this way, it can be said that initially the two clubs had a special bond that was reflected in one of the most sacred things of an entity, The shield.


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