The best English footballers in history

The best English footballers in history
Bobby Moore and Gordon Banks leading the English team (The Telegraph)

They say that the modern football (In the best sense of the word) was invented in England. Like is logic, great players were born in this country. today we will review the best English footballers in history.


The first great star of English football. Primer Golden Ball history (year 1956), first footballer to be named Sir when I was still active. He is also the player with the longest career in the English league as he debuted in 1932 and he retired in 1965 (to the 50 year old). And if that was not enough, was never reprimanded or expelled in any of the more than 700 official matches he played.

Stanley Matthews
Stanley Matthews in a match with England (Transfermarkt)


The best English goalkeeper of all time. Gordon Banks it's a British football myth, it's not in vain, He was the goalkeeper of the team that won the first and only World Cup for England in the year 1966. further, is attributed ‘the stop of the century‘ to an auction of Skin.


One of the best central defenders history. Captain of the team that proclaimed world champion in 1966 and an icon of English football. Himself Skin he once acknowledged that he was the best defender he had ever faced.


If we had to choose the best English footballer ever, surely, we would choose Bobby Charlton. Legend of the team and one of the best teams that Manchester United has ever managed to gather. Survivor of the Munich tragedy that struck the club in 1958.

best English footballer
Bobby Charlton and Franz Beckenbauer face to face in the World Cup 1966 (Pinterest)


Golden Ball twice (1978 Y 1979), star of one of the best Liverpool history (late 70) with whom he won 3 Suspenders, 1 FA Cup, 2 UEFA Cups and 1 European Cup. He also won a Bundesliga with German Hamburg. One of the best European footballers of his time.


One of the great strikers in England's history. Top scorer in the World Cup 1986 with 6 goals. Silver Ball in 1986 and Bronze on 1991. logically, had to be on this list of the best English footballers of all time.


Few footballers have had the quality that English had Paul Gascoigne. Genius and figure on and off the pitch. Midfielder with a lot of arrival that stood out in the decade of the 80 Y 90. Always gave talk, for the good as well as the bad, but watching him play soccer was a joy.

english footballers
Paul Gascoigne celebrates his historic goal against Scotland in the Eurocup 1996 (Mirror)


David Beckham is, without a doubt, one of the footballers with the best ball hitting given by English football. Considered one of the best pitchers of lack of history, he was also not exempt from many other skills. His exquisite technique allowed him to wear the shirt of great clubs like Manchester United, Real Madrid, PSG o AC Milan.


When one is named Alan Shearer, a word comes to mind immediately: goal. The striker made them of all colors. Top scorer in Premier League history and star of teams like Blackburn Rovers (with which he was the league champion) and of his beloved Newcastle United. He also shone with the national team.


Another English football legend. The midfielder was everything in the Liverpool with which he only lacked to win a Premier League. Talented midfielder with a lot of arrival in the rival area. His hitting the ball allowed him to score incredible goals. Crack in every way.


At the level of Gerrard. In fact, it was said that they were so similar that they could not play together. Quality, arrival and great hitting. A midfielder of which there have been very few. Chelsea legend Y, Of course, one of the best english footballers they have seen.

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