Gordon Banks, author of 'Stop century’

Gordon Banks, author of 'Stop century’
Gordon Banks, dressed in gloves that are far from today's, one of the greatest goalkeepers in history.

In the football get-togethers is usual talk about the game of the century or the century goal. But nevertheless, Today we will review the path Gordon Banks, one of the best goalkeepers in history, author 'Stop the century'.

British cancerbero, as we say, It was one of the greats in the early 60 Y 70. Not in vain, It was Champion of the World Cup at home in editing 1966 and he was also present at the next meeting in Mexico in the year 1970. Precisely, It was in this world where a save yours would be immortalized forever in the annals of the history of the World Championships.


We do not know if it's the best stop of all time, what is clear is that it is the best known. Surely that weighs out in a championship of this kind and even more than Gordon Banks the goal achieved to prevent such a great player like Brazil Skin.

Brazil e England They are facing one 7 June 1970 Jalisco Stadium in a match corresponding to the second date that World Cup. Brazilians had that for many is the best team of all time with players like Skin, Tostao, Rivelino the Jairzinho among others. In front of them, Gordon Banks, Bobby Moore, Bobby Charlton o Geoff Hurst They are trying to stop this powerful rival.

In a set of game, center Jairzinho from the right attack Brazil It was topped by flawlessly 'King’ Skin. After biting the ball on the floor it seemed to be irretrievably the back of the net. But nevertheless, appeared figure Gordon Banks to make an incredible stop. Pele himself, years later, He even declared: “I scored the goal, but he stopped Banks”.

The meeting ended with narrow win by 1-0 for Brazilians finally end up being champions. Banks, recently he explained the move that has accompanied him throughout his life: “When he finished he knew he was going to throw. I knew that going in so I had to anticipate how high you go. I got to touch the ball with my fingers but I honestly thought it was a goal. From the ground when I saw the ball go over the bar I did not believe me”.

Gordon Banks He died on 12 February 2019. It will always be remembered for this great stop but also for his great role in England (with which he played 72 matches) and was World Champion. At club level he highlighted in the Leicester and the Stoke City. He hung up his boots over 550 official matches played being a true football legend and, without a doubt, one of the best english footballers of all times.

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