Best Sporting history and their rivalry with Real Madrid

Best Sporting history and their rivalry with Real Madrid
Quini and Pirri, Sporting captains and Real Madrid respectively (Pinterest)

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The world of football is full of rivalries between clubs and hobbies. Usually arise from the fact that two teams fighting for the same objective or because the same city derbies. Today we remember the Best Sporting history and tremendous rivalry with Real Madrid.

El mejor Sporting de Gijón de la historia

We traveled at the end of the decade of the 70, specifically the season 1978-1979 in which Sporting Gijon He achieved its best historical classification in the league. Rojiblanco He won the runner-up being the Real Madrid the champion.

The picture directed by Vicente Miera He was in contention throughout the campaign. That template had great players like goalkeeper Jesus Castro, Cundi, Mesa, Joaquin and of course Quini. further, the three Argentines (Rezza, Doria Y Ferrero) They gave more consistency to a team that went all out.

But came the key party decided that League. The 15 April 1979 They were enfrenaron in El Molinon the top two title contenders, Sporting Y Real Madrid. The Merengues clinched victory with a lone goal Santillana and the fans went deeply angry with the arbitration proceedings.

Atletico accused defeat and fell precipitously in the next day Camp Nou against him FC Barcelona by a strong 6-0. Hence the end, was unable to reach the Real Madrid.

“A) Yes, A) Yes, thus wins the Madrid!”

The following season was increasing rivalry. The Spaniard set remained a powerful rival who ranked third in the standings with one point less than the Real Madrid and two less than leader Real society (who would become the champion).

That game went down in history for the great annoyance of the fans sportinguista with the referee. The end result was a tie to one and the Argentine Ferrero He was sent off five minutes from home. The fans shouted indignantly A) Yes, A) Yes, thus wins the Madrid! while he is throwing a shower of pads the field.

And if that was not enough, that mythical Sporting Gijon disputed two late Copa del Rey consecutive season 1980-1981 Y 1981-1982 who lost to FC Barcelona Y Real Madrid respectively.

Although that team failed to score any title, Clearly he buzzed the biggest Spanish football and compete one on one with them becoming Best Sporting history. Since then the fans of El Molinon, as usual, feels some animosity by all merengue, his great rival in those last years of the decade of the 70 and the first of the 80.


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