The origin of “A) Yes, A) Yes, thus wins the Madrid”!

The origin of “¡Así, A) Yes, thus wins the Madrid”!
Pillow rain in El Molinon because of the anger of the public (Photo: The country / EFE)

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Today is widespread this song as a hobby opponent he believes that the match referee is benefiting the Real Madrid against his team. But nevertheless, not everyone knows the origin of this catchy song that has served more than 30 years since the first time was sung: ¡A) Yes, A) Yes, thus wins the Madrid!.

Was a 25 November 1979 in a match that disputed the Sporting Gijon and the Real Madrid in El Molinon. The Spaniard set was a powerful rival at that time, He is playing one on one with the biggest and fighting for the title. The previous season, rojiblanco had been runner-League, thus achieving its best ranking in its history.

This time came the Real Madrid classified as a second point of the leader, Real Sociedad, Meanwhile he Sporting It was third with one point less than the meringues. Era, so, a party very important for both. The stands were full and the audience pressed.

The Sporting with Cundi, Doria, Mesa, Ferrero and Quini among others. The Real Madrid with Stielike, Santillana, Garcia Remon, Camacho and Juanito Among the highlights. Two great teams at that time.


The controversy did not wait. Ferrero, skilled local attacker, it closes with Saint Joseph, Central Madrid who strikes a blow to the face. The sportinguista player throwing reacts kicked central that complains from floor. The referee, Ausocúa Sanz, He notes the absence of the player Real Madrid but expels Ferrero which is removed from the field with a bloodied face for elbowing suffered.

It was at that precise moment when they started to rain pads on the ground gijonés game while the stadium begins to sing the famous “A) Yes, A) Yes, thus wins the Madrid!”. To top, Quini, star of the local computer, a goal is scored an own goal after the half hour mark. Anger in the stands is increasing to the point that Boskov, Real Madrid coach, withdrawn Saint Joseph of the field to avoid being expelled.

Nonetheless, the Sporting He was able to tie the game with 10 Mediation players Joaquin and from there little more. Bronco game with little soccer ended in a draw and one a rivalry between the two teams that it would last several years and still endures.

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