Goalkeepers who have won a trophy Zamora both First and Second Division

Goalkeepers who have won a trophy Zamora both First and Second Division
Paco Liaño set a record that still remains in force receiving only 18 goals this season 1993-1994 (The Ideal Gallego)

Recently we developed a list the only players who have won a Pichichi Trophy in both Spanish First and Second Division. Today we will do the same, but in this case the only goalkeepers who have achieved Zamora trophy in both divisions. A very select list, Today, It is only made up of three archers.

First of all we must clarify that the Zamora trophy at least thrashed goalkeeper delivers the Marca since 1959 (although we have taken into account all fewest goals in the entire history of the League goalkeepers since the season 1928-1929). To be eligible for this award, it is necessary to play, as a minimum, 60 minutes or more 28 matches. From there, goals scored by the total number of parties are divided and a percentage is set. In case of a tie does not receive the award goalkeeper who has played more games but shares the prize.


Zamora trophy
Paco Liaño shirt with Depor (The Ideal Gallego)

The Spaniard keeper was the first to get the Zamora trophy both First and Second Division. It was the goalkeeping record in the silver category in the campaign 1990-1991 defending the goal of the Sestao. Then did the same in first with Deportivo La Coruna twice (1992-1993 Y 1993-1994). In this last, also, he established a record which still remains in force when receiving only 18 goals in 38 League matches.

Toni Jiménez

Toni Jimenez Espanyol
Toni Jiménez, one of the great Spanish goalkeepers the years 90 (Brand)

Another that can boast of having achieved a Zamora trophy both first and second is Toni Jiménez. further, the goalkeeper got the same team, the RCD Espanyol. In the season 1993-1994 It was the goalkeeper of the last parakeet promotion to the top flight. A few years later, in the 1997-1998, It was again the meanest this time in First.


Zamora trophy
Claudio Bravo during his time at Real Sociedad (Once)

The last to appear on this smooth is selected Claudio Bravo. Chile won the Zamora trophy in second with Real Sociedad (Cobeño shared with Rayo Vallecano). With the donostiarra set and won promotion after a great season signed for Barca. In the whole FC Barcelona got to be the least goals conceded already in First, in fact, He threatened the record Paco Liaño as only conceded 19 goals, one more than the Spaniard goal.

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