Winning Eleven (ISS Pro Evolution Soccer) one of the best football games

Winning Eleven (ISS Pro Evolution Soccer) one of the best football games
Reviving large partidazos as a Brazil-Germany Roberto Carlos, Ronaldo, Oliver Bierhoff Khan or possible.

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Like is logic, when you're a kid is much more impressionable. Like it happens with the players and teams, football games of our childhood are those that mark us for life. For many, among whom I include myself, the PC Football meant a before and after incorporating the manager. But nevertheless, in terms of gameplay, we must emphasize the Winning Eleven (Saga Pro Evolution Soccer of Konami).

El Winning Eleven, the soccer game that marked a generation

Fortunately, there are people who care that we already have an age can continue to enjoy these games on our computer current. Not only that, there are even patches that include teams with players and fully updated templates and also current uniforms.

Football games
Captura del Winning Eleven, one of the great successes of the company Konami.

But nevertheless, we will focus on the classic edition with templates and retro players, How could it be otherwise. To handle the Zidane France, the Holanda Dennis Bergkamp one he Brazil's Ronaldo and Roberto Carlos It is a real treat.

Of course, We can also choose clubs and start a season manager. Stomach full of butterflies when we listen to music from the beginning of the Play Station 1 and even more when we see the mythical Ivanov, Himenez, Lecithin, Miranda O Beaver (the names suffer some variation depending on the version of the game) our team.

ISS Pro Evolution Soccer
Aligning our team invented mythical names Winning Eleven.

Descargar Pro Evolution Soccer

The good news, as we said at the beginning of the post, we can now install and enjoy this great game on our current computers in a fast and easy. Being able to enjoy one of the best football video games in history. I leave a link to the file… to enjoy!

Download Pro Evolution Soccer here.

Password to decompress the file: futbolretro

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PC Football changed my life.

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