The enigmatic origin of the shield of CD Logrones

The enigmatic origin of the shield of CD Logrones
oleg Salenko, one of the great strikers of the era of CD Logroñés in First Division, Voro conflict with Depor defense (The Journal)

If there is a team that aroused sympathy to the football fans in the years 90 That was certainly the CD Logrones and its mythic stadium Las Gaunas. That tough team, difficult to win especially in their feud and players lifelong nobly fighting for the win wrapped by a step and a hobby delivered.

But that struggle and that nobility was not without quality in many of its players. A late 80 and for much of the 90 La Rioja lived together the best time in its history. Great players wore chest shield CD Logrones as oleg Salenko, Toni Polster, Jose Ignacio, Tato Abbey And a long etcetera. Precisely that shield is what we're going to talk about today.

Tato Abbey
The 'Tato’ Abbey, one of the most charismatic players history of the club riojano (The Journal)


The CD Logrones It was founded in 1940 but he inherited the shield of his predecessor CD Logroño. This shield was a black circle surrounding a star with six white and red points appears with the initials CDL. When one observes it is impossible not to remember the star of David, one of the most known and identifying symbols of Judaism.

CD Logroñés shield
CD Logroñés shield missing (seeklogo)

This is where you begin to speculate on the origin and why the CDL prepared that shield. One theory revolves around the author, Simon Tejada, who it was of Jewish origin and may therefore decided to include the Star of David.

Alternatively deals saturnine Iñiguez, club president 1924, who was a member of Freemasonry. Star of David is also known as Solomon's Seal and is one of the symbols of the Masons so it is a perfectly valid option.

By last, even less tenable, option that each point of the star representing the shield is training a team on the pitch is set. In this case the lower tip would be the keeper, the following four defenders, subsequently two midfield and finally four front. However would “loose” the last point there that say that does not seem entirely sustainable that possibility.

Anyway, What is clear is that the CD Logrones, his shield, their stadium and their players, to the delight of those who enjoy that authentic football 80 Y 90 where the grass is smeared when it rained and where footballers were far from those of today. pure Nostalgia.

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  1. saturnine Iñiguez (mi padrino), presidente del CD Logroño en 1924, cursó estudios de arquitectura pero nunca perteneció a la masonería.

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