When all went Compostela

When all went Compostela
One of the formations of the mythical 'Compos' to the delight of football fans in the years 90 (SD Compostela)

There are teams that for some reason or other arouse the sympathy of impartial public or football fan who likes the romantic and humble touch with some clubs that reach the elite at one point and stand up to the big. He got something SD Compostela, club which will be discussed today.

The 'Compos’ He lived his particular 'prodigious decade’ in the years 90. Coinciding with the arrival to the presidency Jose Maria Caneda (one of those presidents' special’ of that time) and indispensable figure coach Fernando Castro Santos, Galician club was stringing promotion from Third to First Division nothing more and nothing less.

In the campaign 1989-1990 the Galician side to ascend from third to second B and just one season then gets, for the first time in its history, sneak in professional football to string together a new promotion this time to Second Division after being champion in the playoffs for promotion against Alaves, Badajoz Y Alcoyano.


The Compostela manages to hold in the silver category in which it remains for three seasons until the 1993-1994 finished in third position which entitles you to play the promotion. The Vallecano Ray It was the last obstacle to achieving the dream of playing in the top flight of Spanish football.

After tying both Vallecas like in Saint Lazarus, I had to play a third game playoff on neutral ground. Until Carlos Tartiere of Oviedo they moved over 7.000 fans' Compos’ they saw as his team achieved a historic victory 3-1 (goals Fire Y José) and they celebrated the rise overhand. Iru, Modesto II, Tocornal, Modesto I, Bellido, Bodelón, Abbey, Fabiano, Lucas, Fire Y Move were the 11 headlines became the club's history to contest that game in Oviedo.


The base of that team remained First division but significant reinforcements arrived that made the Galicians a very difficult team to beat. After 7 seasons Castro Santos He was replaced on the bench by Fernando Vázquez, who managed the continued competing more so. In fact, the team peaked at the end of the first round of the season 1995-1996 in which he finished second place behind champion would be, the Atletico Madrid. The entity that campaign achieved its best finish in the league (tenth).

Christiansen, Fire, Steps, Fabiano or incombustible Abbey, They formed the backbone of the team. We can not forget Mauro Y Nacho, poniards by bands and later figures as Lubo Penev What did 32 goals in the two seasons he wore the shirt compostelana.

Galician derby
Fabiano, one of the pillars of Compos, disputing a Galician derby against Depor in the First Division (The voice of Galicia)

DESCENT Second Division

But nevertheless, after four seasons in First where we all made a little ‘Lineups‘, He came the decline. The team finished in 17th place and had to play with promotion Villarreal. This time after tying both Villarreal (0-0) and Compostela (1-1), Galicia fell by the double value of the goals scored away from home.

Since then, economic problems, refundaciones and pure survival. The SD Compostela roams the meanest football again hoping that you get the opportunity to go back and taste the sweet taste of success of those wonderful years 90.

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