The fan is a guarantee of passion and T-shirt is sacred

The fan is a guarantee of passion and T-shirt is sacred

Last update April 3, 2020 by Javier Argudo

The football jerseys, blessed drug for many. Surely if you are reading this you have in your closet at least one. Maybe it's a childhood memory and thousands of end of the European Cup you played with your friends after school; Or maybe guards out there hung a jersey you brought you way souvenir of that lovely trip to Italy. Some tens atesoraréis, You may even may be able to count them by hundreds or thousands. All are special, All transport you to a remote part of your memory, and although all of them you have affection, there is no like your team. It is not a simple garment that follow a trend, the zamarra for a fan is sacred because it is the ultimate symbol of belonging and infinite love for his club.

@BetisShirts, as symbol, identifies. In this case we associate a particular color and design to a set. If you know Spanish the verdiblancas stripes are the Betis, blue and white of the arlequinada Sabadell Y the red stripe on a white background is the Vallecano Ray.

Membership is intrinsic to the shirt, He gives your intrahistoria. Going to the stadium in your city and see jump to eleven men who dress exactly as they did when your father, your grandfather and your great-grandfather went to the court. And it is at that moment when you feel at your side who have already left, @BetisShirts. It is a legacy, a legacy that your family goes from generation to generation. And though you no longer live in the city of your team, every time you put your shirt remember your roots, who you are and where you come.

He put on a slab of love thy love to go to the field is not a trivial matter. Is not a oufit casual to go cool, no. It is a way to publicly express your communion with a way of life. Because each club have values ​​that transpire every stitch and every thread you wear on your skin. When you go local and lights meet your shirt with the ultimate expression of pride in your country, the same pride with which a gaditano dons his costume and two blushers painted every February. And when this costume in court the use of others, It is the largest armor for quixotic adventure fight giant obstacles that football and modern society put us to enjoy this blessed madness.

But if poetry is increasingly less room in our days, fewer still have romantic place in football, and no longer say in the world "camisetero". @BetisShirts, rosa, orange, yellow or any other strange tone that did not come inherited from the British Isles. Remember that, by very nice and modern that are the new kits, in the eighties meyba Y Adidas managed to reach the zenith. And they innovated, the record, but one thing is quite another innovation is degenerating.

@BetisShirts, It is losing tradition, and losing tradition we abandon the purity and preserve what our parents instilled in us, that is to say, betray our heritage, our intrahistoria and even our own blood. That's why I hate to see a meeting of the Champions League and both teams go with alternative uniforms. That's why I hate to see the green in Madrid Bernabéu, to Barcelona checkered or striped horizontal in the Camp Nou and Betis without their rods green and white in Heliopolis.

And in this world that denatures and relativized from politics to morality, T-shirts are not saved. @BetisShirts. And make no mistake, not seek to break the essence to promptly receive more money in their coffers, no, unfortunately all part of a Machiavellian plan. most expensive tickets, impossible schedules and symbolism absent or destroyed. With all this and manage to kill the passion you feel less identified in this movie. Surely you ever thought "this is no longer what it was", and when that thought envelops, the end is near. The grandstands each time you have more viewers and less fans.

And eye, from here I do not advocate a radical austerity in football. current SAD They can grow financially without degrading its principles, in the same way that companies in an exercise CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) they can be more competitive without polluting or exploiting workers. You can keep changing the design of an elastic each year, of course it can, but it should be done under canons and red lines that can not be moved. It is no coincidence that more and more brands make retro editions, to Atletico Madrid will again use his shield in a uniform next year. But romantics can still win the war, perhaps not for the whole afternoon, or perhaps try to console myself with the last beats giving football we met.

For dreamers who still believe in the fight, Remember: every day is a victory resistance. Resist above all and before all. Estudiad and know the history of your club, respect it as your elders did, and the most important, do not fail to feel, without feeling that football is absolutely nothing. If you take away the football passion, you have left a mere sport, a mere representation. The fan It is a guarantee of passion and his jersey is sacred.


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