The historic comeback of Valencia in the Nou Camp this season 1997-1998

The historic comeback of Valencia in the Nou Camp this season 1997-1998
Piojo Lopez scored two goals in the historic comeback of Valencia in the Nou Camp (Photo: Youtube)

Today we will discuss one of the greatest comebacks in the history of the League. Seldom occurs, much less a big team like FC Barcelona and even less in the Camp Nou. But that night the whole Van Gaal, who she was with the party won in the second half, saw him was like a party escaped incredibly.

There was a 19 of January of 1998. He came to Camp Nou the Valencia of Claudio Ranieri He is occupying the 15th position in the table, just two points from relegation. Quite the contrary that the Barça of Van Gaal who led the First Division with four points ahead of the Real Madrid.

The match went with logic. Within half an hour of play, from the left of Sergi Nodding to the back of the net Luis Enrique. De la Peña, which he had replaced a Guardiola injured, He did what he wanted in midfield and Barça It was imposed easily to Valencia. Rivaldo to him 2-0 in the minute 48 party and Cáceres the own goal 3-0 in 54'. party resolved, it seemed.

It was then that, it is not known if excessive relaxation Barça or because the Valencia he began to play without pressure, but the fact is that in 20 minutes, visitors made 4 goals as 4 mother soles making comebacks.

THE MOTHER OF comebacks

The first work of a player who is remembered for this goal and little more because it did not just impact on their valencianista stage: Morigi, in the party 69'de. From there the madness. In the minute 75 Claudio Lopez, got the fear in the body to the parish barcelonista marking the 3-2.

By the end of the game Local suffering but victory it is maintained by the minimum. It is the minute 87 when a corner taken from the right by Valencia, clear to dislike boots Piojo Lopez from outside the area that hooked a shot that sneaks into the goal defended by Ruud Hesp. Set that He had managed to tie a game losing 3-0. And still he is missing the final fireworks.

No time to recover from that tie, the Valencia gets the ball in the center and remove the culé 'The burrito’ Ortega marks the 3-4 completing a historic comeback.

BARÇA champions

The Barça, Nonetheless, He managed to be crowned league champions comfortably. The Valencia finished 9th, although it served to qualify to contest the UEFA Cup thanks to the Real Madrid, who finished fourth, won Seventh European Cup and the Mallorca, ended 5th, He won the Cup Winners Cup and played.

Was that a very irregular Valencia, able to achieve this level victory at Camp Nou but also to fit one of the most humiliating defeats in history that season against Salamanca.

Nonetheless, He was brewing a great team. Lead by Ranieri on the bench and with players like Mendieta, Claudio Lopez Oh, Adrian Precisely in the field that They would achieve win the Cup a year later al Atletico Madrid La Cartuja in Seville.

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