Augenthaler gesture that ignited the spirits of Santiago Bernabéu

Augenthaler gesture that ignited the spirits of Santiago Bernabéu
Augenthaler gesture further heated environment Bernabeu (Le Carré lives on Twitter)

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Do you remember that gesture? Augenthaler in that match between Madrid and Bayern at the Bernabéu?

A eliminator European Cup between Bayern Munich Y Real Madrid It is more than just football. For many years the two giants have met on numerous occasions in the continental showpiece and has built a huge rivalry.

Augenthaler's gesture and Juanito's stomp on Matthaus

One of the hottest qualifiers that are remembered between both sets was the semifinal they faced this season 1986-1987. Already in the first leg, who they beat the Germans by a convincing 4-1, Juanito He was sent off for his pisotón to Lothar Matthaus in the minute 39 and Mino in 72, so that whites ended the match with two players less.

The second leg was marked by a hellish environment Santiago Bernabeu that engalanó to try to achieve one of his famous comebacks. The thing could not have started better as Real Madrid went ahead with a goal from Santillana in the minute 27 and also they saw it as Augenthaler He was ejected after close with Hugo Sanchez.

Precisely footballer Bayern He told in an interview to The Journal the hard time that happened since his expulsion until the end of the match. Upon being expelled the German waved off bounds emulating a bull using his fingers as horns. He explains: “It is a gesture that I do not remember too, only for the photos. In the first leg and I did and what I was trying to say was that this was football, not a bullfight”.

“The Bernabéu was the same noise as an airplane on takeoff”

And in the locker room, knowing that the Real Madrid He needed two more goals to move to the end and let out his team, the player explains that the noise was deafening tier: “It was one of the worst moments of my career. The Bernabéu was the same noise as an airplane on takeoff. Every time attacking seemed that marked a goal. I opened all the showers to counteract the noise and smoked a 10 cigarettes. It made me eternal but luckily endured the 1-0 and we qualified for the final”.

Bayern Munich Y Real Madrid, a classic European Cup.


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