Women's football in Spain: Inspirational success stories

Women's football in Spain: Inspirational success stories
women's football, some troubles, has been making its way and, Fortunately, there are fewer and fewer stigmas associated with its practice. Here we indicate some success stories from more than 100 years.

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from yesterday to today: 6 success stories in women's football

Although the visibility was much lower, the truth is that the women's soccer practice It was already a fact in Spain in the second decade of the 20th century. But nevertheless, the Civil War and the philosophy of the Franco Regime implied a regression from which it only emerged well into the decade of 1980 with the first official competitions.

Women's football is becoming popular. Although not as popular as La Liga, the process is still promising. Let's get to know these historical milestones better than, safe, will interest people who love vintage football:

1. The foundation of the Spanish Girl's Club (1914)

The first football club founded exclusively by women was the Spanish Girl's Club in 1914, in Barcelona. Although if history was ephemeral, to his credit is the first women's football match in Spain the , not without controversy, the 9 of June. The funds raised were used to fight tuberculosis, a disease with a high mortality at the time.

Unfortunately, the start of the Great War shortly after and the hostile reception from certain sectors of society cut short the promising evolution of the team.

2. The first female Spanish soccer team (1971)

The interwar period and the Franco dictatorship were difficult times for women's sports in Spain. In the death rattles of Francoism (1971), a group of women formed a soccer team, although their parties were not recognized at the time.

had to wait for 1983 to get the recognition of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF). But nevertheless, those first games since 1971 still not recognized as official.

3. The Queen's Cup of women's football, first official competition (1981)

The democracy supposed a revitalization of women's football, both at club and national team level, throughout the territory. In 1981 the Queen's Cup as first legally recognized competition by the RFEF in 1983.

It should be noted that the winning team of the first editions was the Coal Deportivo, predecessor of the current Deportivo Abanca de La Coruña. And the ranking system was different, because it worked through regional leagues.

4. The first women's soccer league (1988)

At first, it worked with a system of regional women's leagues, but in 1988 took the leap and created the first Women's National Soccer League at the national level with a continuous competition system.

yes, We must point out that the players did not have a professional status, what took decades to arrive. In fact, It was only fully recognized as of the season 2021-2022.

5. real blowjob, first Spanish footballer with a stadium named after her (2018)

The decade of 2010 supposed the definitive takeoff of women's football in Spain. First, because the long-awaited professionalization arrived and, in second place, because it began to have a certain media repercussion. the Galician real blowjob was the first soccer player Spanish with which renamed a stadium soccer professional, the old Multipurpose of San Lázaro, in Santiago de Compostela.

6. Women's football Barça wins its first Champions League (2021)

The last important milestone of women's football in Spain it is double, if it fits. Not in vain, the Barça is being the most successful club. On the one hand, because he won for the first time Champions League in 2021 (success that has repeated in 2023). Y, on the other hand, because its star Alexia Putellas has won the last two women's Ballon d'Ors (2021 Y 2022).


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