Footballers who played two World Cups with different teams

Footballers who played two World Cups with different teams
Robert Prosinecki played World Cups with Yugoslavia and Croatia (Globedia)

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Football and politics, sometimes, they go hand in hand. Along the history, for some reason or other, There have been several cases of footballers who have even played World Cups with different selections. We review some of the most striking.


The first cases of soccer players representing different national teams in the World Cup were those of Luis Monti Y Atilio DeMaría. Both wore the Argentina shirt in the first World Cup in history in Uruguay 1930. Four years later they were champions playing with Italy 1934.


A case similar to the previous ones. Santa Maria was summoned by Uruguay to play the World Cup of the year 1954. Again, eight years later, Chile played with Spain 1962.

Puskás Ferenc

One of the best soccer players in the history of Hungary. He defended the colors of his country of birth in the world championship of 1954 and eight years later, in Chile 1962, he played with the spanish team being a veteran.

Puskas Spain
Puskas changed the shirt from Hungary for Spain (futbolday)


Altafini's case is quite striking. The footballer was champion with Brazil in the World 1958, in which a certain Pele debuted. Four years later, in Chile 1962, defended the Azure shirt of the Italian team.

Prosinecki is, JARNI Y SUKER

The Balkan War led several players to play the World Cup in Italy with Yugoslavia in 1990 and later they defended the plaid shirt of Croatia in 1998. It is the case Robert Jarni, Davor Suker (who was summoned but did not debut in the 90) y Robert Prosinecki.

In case of Prosinecki It is quite significant since he is the only footballer who has been able to score goals with different teams in the history of the World Cups.. He did it with Yugoslavia in the 90 and with Croatia in the 98.

Suker Prosinecki Croatia
Suker, Jarni y Prosinecki, members of the legendary Croatian national team that finished third in France 1998 (Ten)


We leave for the end a unique case in the history of football. Dejan Stankovic juice 3 World Cups with different selections, something no one else has accomplished. Born in Belgrade, It was summoned by Yugoslavia in editing 1998, Serbia and Montenegro in 2006 Y, by last, Serbia in 2010.

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  1. Missing to add the Austrians Franz Wagner, Rudolf Raftl, Willi Schmaus and Josef Stroh, who were part of the Austria squad in 1934 and were subsequently selected by Germany in 1938

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