Best 11 Historic Valencia Football Club

Best 11 Historic Valencia Football Club
One of the historical formations of Valencia in the season 1978-1979 (Valencia CF)

Last update September 19, 2019 by Javier Argudo

As usual in FUTBOLRETRO.ES, We keep trying to develop the best teams in history. This time it is the turn to best 11 Valencia CF.

The che is one of the biggest clubs in Spain. It not surprisingly ranks fourth in the historical league standings only behind Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Atletico Madrid. It is one of the chosen few who have been able to win the title League (up to 6 occasions) besides having achieved 7 Copas del Rey. As for international titles it has also played an important role getting 1 Recopa Y 3 UEFA Cups.

Over many years (and is a centennial club) the che has been a classic in the First division Spanish having undergone only down to Second Division which they were repaired with almost immediate promotion.

Clearly it makes a 11 history is very complicated on all computers but more so in a club like Valencia for which they have spent so many good players but considering the performance, games played, goals scored and the impact on the team this would be our ideal alignment.

As we noted above, is very difficult to choose only 11 and other illustrious players as Quincoces, Angloma, Fernando, Mendieta, Waldo or own Piojo Lopez also they appear deserve merit because they made more than enough as they won titles and made the fans vibrate Mestalla.

Valencia Football Club
Best 11 Valencia CF as historical FUTBOLRETRO.ES (Photo: LINEUP11)

Like in FUTBOLRETRO.ES we like to interact with our readers, we ask you if you believe that this alignment should have some / os players leave us your suggestions at the end of the article in the comments section.

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4 thoughts on “Best 11 Historic Valencia Football Club

  1. Faltaria Wilkes, Eizaguirre,Claramunt,Pasieguito, Roberto Gil, Valdez…. Not so well known by young now but real cracks that older remember

  2. Don't put Tendillo on the best 11 Valencia, It seems like a lot to me. Not only has he been the best center-back Valencia has had, if not that has been one of the 5 best center-backs in the history of Spanish football with Maceda.

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