Maier, Beckenbauer y Muller, the trio made it great at Bayern Munich

Maier, Beckenbauer y Muller, the trio made it great at Bayern Munich
Muller, Beckenbauer and Maier were the key players that made a big Bayern in Germany and Europe in the early 60 Y 70 (Movistarplus)

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Many think that the Bayern Munich It has always been a big club like it is today. But nevertheless, it was not until the arrival at the club three players (Maier, Beckenbauer y Muller) the Bavarians began to win major titles regularly.

The trio that brought together virtually all of Munich belonged to the same fifth. Sepp Maier born in 1944 while Franz Beckenbauer Y Gerd Muller they did in 1945.

Obviously, three monsters in this category coincide in the same template prompted the Bayern dominate both league of his country as it stood with their first European titles. But nevertheless, This did not happen overnight.

The first to debut in the first team was Franz Beckenbauer he did in 1964. That same year, but the next season, I arrive Muller and soon after goalkeeper Sepp Maier.


They all had an insulting youth and began to show that marked a before and after in the history of the club. In fact, until arrival, the Bayern only he had a League and Cup. When the three 'cracks’ the club left piled up, among other titles, 4 Bundesliga, 3 European Cups, 1 Recopa and 1 Intercontinental.

As we say, This did not happen by chance. Sepp Maier it is considered one of the best goalkeepers in history. It is one of the players who can say that he has won everything. Suspenders, Cups and European Cups at club level but also European Championship and World Cup with your selection.

Meanwhile, Franz Beckenbauer It is one of the best footballers of all time. 'El Kaiser’ It is at the level of the largest and Cruyff (with whom he starred in a historic rivalry 70), Pele Maradona.

By last, Muller It has been one of the greatest scorers of all time. Is the leading scorer in Bundesliga history and was the winner of the trophy for the best scorer of the competition until 7 occasions. The shirt of the German team only Klose He managed to overtake him.

What they achieved these players is within reach of very few. We all remember always Di Stefano Real Madrid, all Ajax Cruyff with base Clockwork Orange’ Y, Of course, He Bayern Maier, Beckenbauer y Muller who won three European Cups consecutively 1974, 1975 Y 1976.


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