The day that Ronaldo is caught having sex with two women on the stage of Camp Nou

The day that Ronaldo is caught having sex with two women on the stage of Camp Nou
Ronaldo celebrating one of his many goals in his only season at Barca (FC Barcelona)

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The arrival of Ronaldo Nazario al FC Barcelona in summer 1996 He caused a stir. It was one of the biggest signings League All-Star, It became known as the Spanish championship, from the PSV Dutch.

His performance in the field was spectacular reaching record 34 League goals (Hugo Sanchez threatening the record) some of them of enormous beauty They passed championship history.

The day Ronaldo was caught with 2 women in box of the Camp Nou

But nevertheless, Ronaldo had just 20 years and was reputed to be very active sexually. as recorded Lluis Lainz in his book 'Closed doors’ Brazilian striker starred in a rather curious anecdote in that first and only season dressed in blaugrana.

One night came to Camp Nou, He parked his car in the parking lot and went to dinner. After one hour he returned but this time accompanied by two beautiful women. The three greeted the security guard and headed back to the parking lot to pick up the car and drive off. Or at least I thought that culé employee.

After a while and in view of the vehicle did not leave, the guard decided to go down to check that all was well. Upon arrival, found that the car was still in the same place completely empty so I assumed that Ronaldo It would show the locker room to his companions. What was his surprise when accessing the anteroom of Camp Nou he met the player and the girls having sex on one of the sofas in the room.

The next day the employee notified this fact to FC Barcelona president, Josep Lluis Nuñez, he merely said: “Do you not understand that a kid 20 years old and having fun?”. Thus, the issue was settled and Ronaldo He could continue making goals this season but surely it would cut a little when invited to bring Barca stadium.

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  1. I do not agree with these types of actions that the player took….! It is good that he is young.. and want to indulge.. but the institution is respected…!! If I wanted to have sex.. because he didn't go to the motel.. or to your apartment .. each thing in its place . !!!

  2. As always, he is a PHENOMENON sticking him wherever and whenever he is a Crack, that's why the compliment at that time was culé ‍♂️

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