Najim's goal that made champions Real Zaragoza

Najim's goal that made champions Real Zaragoza
Nayim, author of the legendary goal in the final against Arsenal, raises the Recopa (Photo:

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A minute, a last minute, day May 1995 something happened that has marked the history of the Real Zaragoza. The Aragonese club raised Cup Winners Cup in a final that was decided with the incredible and historic gol Nayim.

Mohammed Ali Amar, best known for Nayim, He puts their land, Ceuta, then in the center of Planet Football. The town on the northern tip of the African continent had already given other players who have left a deep mark on big European clubs. Are cases Pirri at Real Madrid and Migueli at FC Barcelona. He even has given birth to a medal at the Olympic Winter Games, Regino Hernandez. But what happened to Nayim It is special because of the circumstances that occurred.

The Real Zaragoza He disputed ancient Recopa Spain winner in Cup King of 1994. In that template had players are zaragocista legend, Cedrún the sticks, Belsué, Cáceres, Pardeza, 'Package' Higuera, Solana, Poyet, Watery, Aragon, Own Nayim, O Esnáider. His first rounds were a tour of East Europe to play against Gloria Bistrita Romanian and Tatran Presov Slovak. The quarterfinals had a rival with more name, the Feyenoord Dutch, to which had to be overcome in La Romareda, with a 2-0, after defeat 1-0 in the Netherlands.

In the semi touched another bone, the Chelsea English. The tie stood face with 3-0 in Zaragoza, but spent struggling with the comeback attempt of Londoners that the only end they released a 3-1 at home.

And, and, and, we are going to paris

And the dream day came 10 of May, in Paris, in the Princes Park and before some 42.000 people. The end of the Recopa that framed the Real Zaragoza another English team, the Arsenal, champions, that appeared to Ian Wright, the top scorer of the competition with nine goals. Just behind Esnáider, seven until marked the eighth opening the scoring in minute 68. Hartson He tied in the absence of a quarter hour of the end of the game, it had to extend the extension.

Nayim's goal

When the added time was running out, already entered the last minute, Cedrún He made a long goal kick that defense 'gunner' he saved little forcefulness to where it was Nayim, since just over the halfway line and a difficult angle on the right, He stopped the ball with his chest, let it bounce and gave him a shoe that drew a parable fifty meters direct to the goal. England goalkeeper David Seaman put, unintentionally, Meanwhile some being advanced and unable to properly back. By little for, but the ball overtook him, He kissed networks and sat inside the goal, lying on his right side, circumstances faced and the ball just in front of you, located on the goalline.

Dejection which contrasted with the euphoria of the players zaragocistas, Coach Victor Fernandez and fans maños. Too, why not say, followers of the Tottenham Hotspur, team with the Arsenal It maintains a rivalry in North London. Life things, Nayim He had played with the Spurs just before joining Zaragoza.

After the final of Champions League by Arsenal lost against Barca, fans Tottenham They devised the song "Nayim from 50, Belletti from 2”, to remind meters from where the goals that sentenced the Gunners were made.

The goal of the ceutí the minute 119 It was recorded in the history of football, and in more places. The town dedicated a street Trasmoz, Gol will not be, and the population of Alagón has the park Gol will not be. Also the capital, Zaragoza, Street has Najim Mohammed Ali Amar.

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  1. Hello. I am a member of the R. Zaragoza and was that 10 May in Paris. Thanks for putting stories of the R. Zaragoza on this website retro football, where fans remember the veterans lived…. Just a comment on the players ceutíes. I speak from memory but I think López Ufarte, the end of the Royal Society also is ceutí of birth.

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