El ‘peace and love’ La Romareda, ¿Urban legend or reality?

El ‘peace and love’ La Romareda, ¿Urban legend or reality?
Juan Esnáider was the star of that game between Zaragoza and Chelsea (Photo: football yesterday & today)

Last update February 12, 2020 by Javier Argudo

Editing 1995 of extinct Recopa of Europe It was historic for Real Zaragoza. He got the whole hand is, possibly, the most important title in their history by winning the final to Arsenal always remembered goal Najim that no fan will ever forget zaragocista.

But nevertheless, to win the first title had to eliminate major rivals. One was the Chelsea to which the Real Zaragoza He thrashed in La Romareda by 3-0 a doublet Juan Esnáider and a first goal Pardeza.

In that game, something happened that, still not clear whether this is an urban legend or reality. Coinciding with the third goal scored by Esnáider, there was a terrible confrontation between the more than 5.000 English fans and police watched over the safety that night at the stadium zaragocista. Careers, porrazos and threat of avalanches, at times, could lead to the suspension of the party.

But then it came something almost magical. A couple of years earlier Sevilla coach, Billiards, He became fashionable a song which it was repeated in Spanish stadiums: ¡pen, pen!, after a discussion in a Dépor-Sevilla celebrated on Riazor. At that moment, with English hooligans in full battle, the zaragocista fans began to sing the famous song. To everyone's surprise, the radicals calmed down and stopped fighting with police.


The next day the British press echoed this fact: “When our fans, again, They started giving a bad example to the world football so many times our teams have been away from European competitions, from the steps of La Romareda he was born a cry of concordia, a loving force that asked us the unity of all: peace and love, peace and love (peace and love, peace and love)”.

The actual song tier could not be further from what fans and understood English press but, in any case, welcome it if it was possible to appease the wrath of radicals who traveled that day to Aragón.

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