The players with most famous mustache League

The players with most famous mustache League
German Uli Stielike mustache wearing Real Madrid, chatting with Maradona (Photo: the Galerna)

Last update April 23, 2020 by Javier Argudo

This time we go with a list of most famous footballers mustache Spanish League (although we have also included several legendary coaches who could not miss in this selection).

Seeing the look of each, we quickly realize that times have changed a lot since the players today have little or nothing to do with the paint worn by a few years ago.

Currently extravagant hairstyles are imposed, tattoos that cover almost the entire body and the vast majority of players are depilated. As we say, nothing to do with the disheveled appearance a few years ago with players with mustache, He worked little beard and chest hair that made them appear quite higher age than they really were. Here are some examples:


Tato Abbey
Tato Abbey, a classic in this kind of retro football lists. A player from before (Photo: Digital freedom)

Xabier Azkargorta

Impossible not to remember Xabier Azkargorta when it comes to famous mustaches League (Photo: HOME)

Vicente del Bosque and ARTECHE

Del Bosque mustache
Vicente del Bosque and Arteche. Two legendary players with a mustache who fought on several occasions (Photo: Pinterest)


Carmelo Cádiz
Carmelo defending the jersey of Cádiz. Another classic football we liked (Photo: HOME)


David Vidal and his mustache
David Vidal, one who has always maintained his mustache as both player and coach (Photo:

Uli Stielike

Maradona and Stielike
German Uli Stielike mustache wearing Real Madrid, chatting with Maradona (Photo: the Galerna)


Mustache Schuster
Not all mustaches League have been swarthy. The blonde was well Schuster (Photo: FC Barcelona)

Manolo Preciado

Manolo Preciado
The endearing and Manolo Preciado sadly disappeared always he wore his trademark mustache, both as a player and coach (Lamazetadeportiva)


Migueli, another blond mustache sneaks into our list (Photo: FC Barcelona)

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