Bob Marley and football, the passion that might have saved his life

Bob Marley and football, the passion that might have saved his life
Bob Marley football. A passion that could have saved his life. PHOTOMONTAGE: Football retro

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When we talk about Bob Marley We talk about an icon that goes far beyond the star of the music that was. Jamaican symbolized a movement worldwide and remains the leading exponent of reggae and Rastafarianism.

But besides their love of music, Bob Marley He had another great passion as demonstrated throughout his life: football. The singer did not separate the ball and loved to relax both tests as before and after a concert playing and organizing 'pachangas’ with other members of their group.

It is unclear where he came this great passion for football although it is possible that his father, who it was of English descent, had something to do. Own Marley used to say: “I bring soccer in the genes”.

One of their favorite teams was Pele's Santos for whom he had great devotion as he said many times in interviews. Precisely journalists were rivals in one of the many parties that the singer and his band (The Wailers) organized.

Bob Marley playing football
Bob Marley by playing a pachanga with friends (Brand)

The soccer game that changed Bob Marley's life

In one of them he suffered a fortuitous pisotón that produced an injury that caused him to go to hospital. After being examined they detected an acral lentiginous melanoma on the big toe of his right foot, a typical sign of this cancer.

It was the month of July 1977 Y, somehow, football could have helped him since the disease was detected early. Doctors advised immediate amputation of his finger, but nevertheless, Bob Marley, because of their beliefs, he decided not to or receive treatment.

Jamaican singer continued her musical career for four years but back of one of his tours fainted in flight. The cancer had spread to your lungs and brain. died on 11 May 1981 to the 36 year old. Who knows if football, one of his two great passions, I could have saved her life.

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