The first final of the Copa Libertadores Boca disputed that faced Pele Santos

The first final of the Copa Libertadores Boca disputed that faced Pele Santos
Rattin embraces Pelé in the final of the Libertadores Cup 1963 (Infobae)

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The final of the Copa Libertadores of the year 1963 It was historic for many reasons. Among other things meant the first in the history of Argentine club Boca Juniors, I had to face the fearsome Pele Santos I had already been champion last year.

Boca vs Pele's Santos

For the first time ever the champion was able to win both the leg and the back. In the first leg, disputed 27 August in Brazil, Pele's Santos He managed a tight victory 3-2 with two goals Coutinho and other Lima for locals while by visitors managed a double Sanfilippo. On lap, a 11 of September, Brazilians re-imposed by 1-2 in The Bombonera Sanfilippo scoring again for local and Coutinho and self Skin for visitors.

Antonio Ubaldo Rattin's strategy that his coach banned

The story on that leg that finished defining the championship starred one of the most important players in the history of Boca Juniors, Antonio Ubaldo Rattin.

The Argentine defender, knowing that Skin He was the man that marked differences at that time between the two teams, He confessed that he had a talk with his coach before the game: “I asked Pederson if he wanted him to fight me with Pele and hit him a slap, for us both thrown out. Santos would lose more without Pele Boca without me. But he became angry and told me he did not like those things. Santos won 2-1 and Pele became the second”.

Although the plan Rattin It was not done, seeing the images of that leg itself shows that players used harshly to try to stop that for many is the best player in football history. But even then they succeeded.

That way the Santos he defeated rival, he managed to defend his title for the second year and turned of honor The Bombonera. For the first time in history, a Brazilian club came out champion an international tournament in Argentina.


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