historical classification of Second Division and awards date

historical classification of Second Division and awards date
So was the historical classification of Second season 1983-1984 after 53 disputed campaigns (Dinámico.es)

The silver division of Spanish football has achieved, a while now, become one of the best leagues in Europe. historical clubs have gone throughout history for this category has reached a level that exceeds more than one 'First Division’ from other countries. Today we will review the historical classification of Second Division.

The historical classification of Second

Unlike First, already reviewed in another article, Second historical classification has many more teams. Specific, 167 They have been clubs that have played in the silver category of Spanish football throughout history since its inception in the season 1928-1929. Although modern football has made the horrific know with names (motivated by sponsorship) as Liga Adelante or League 123, for football lovers and purists will always be the Second Division.

Along these years, the second Spanish category has different formats and variations. In the season 1934-1935 It was divided into several groups, first by numbers and then north and south. This lasted until the season 1968-1969 in which the only group that has remained until today recovers. In 1977 Happened to be called Second division “A” due to the creation of the Second division “B”.

Second division ?
Top scorers of the Second North and South Division season 1957-1958 (Dinámico.es)

The list of winners of the Spanish Second Division

The historical classification of Second Division is headed by the Real Murcia. The pimentonero club is the absolute leader has since disputed 53 seasons in the silver category, with great advantage over Sporting Gijon, Second classified. further, grana set is the most titles achieved as a total of 8 followed championships Real Betis with 7.

Obviously, as is the case with First Division, Second historical classification is' adulterated’ because since the season 1995-1996 They pass victories worth 3 points and no 2 as in previous years. teams like Valencia, RCD Espanyol O Atletico Madrid They had to beat copper in this category at some point in its history to return to the elite.

You can check the historical classification Y palmares Second Division.


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