Welcome to 'hell’ Second of Ettien to Atletico Madrid

Welcome to 'hell’ Second of Ettien to Atletico Madrid
Félix Ettien became famous after his match against Atlético in the year 2000 (Photo: Capture SomGranotes YouTube channel)

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Felix ettien welcomed Atletico Madrid to hell. The advertising campaigns of Atletico Madrid they have always been one of the most famous and impressive. They started especially when the mattress team fell in the year 2000 Second Division. The motto of one of them said “A añito in hell”, referring to the year that the Madrid team should spend in the silver category, but nevertheless, then there were two.

Ettien welcomed Atletico Madrid to hell

Just that year in hell began a 3 September 2000 with Atlético's visit to Valencia to face Levante UD. The granota set, trained by Jose Carlos Granero, he had suffered major losses in the team. Fernando Sales and Jesús were transferred to Real Valladolid of the First Division and ‘Vicentín’ already known as Vicente Rodríguez at that time, one left to Valencia. Players like Orriols came to Roa, Gorka García, Echo (for the second time), and they were still on the team Paco Salillas, Vega, Thomas, Aurelio and… Felix Ettien.

The Athletes he had a more proper team to fight to enter Europe in the First Division than those who seek promotion to the Second, perhaps that is why he failed in his goal that season where he finished fourth classified, achieving the promotion the Sevilla, Betis and the Tenerife and leaving, another year, in hell the Vicente Calderón team. Kiko, Salva Ballesta, Toni, Aguilera, López, Llorens, Correa… succumbed in the fief granota.

And the main culprit of the red and white defeat that afternoon before the Canal cameras + It was the Ivorian Felix Ettien. The African extreme, despite not scoring any goals, achieved almost world fame after that great meeting. The local team won by 4-1 with a Ettien exultant. His play on the first goal, leaving 4 visiting players in true style Carl Lewis still remember. Salillas, Roa, Echo Y Alberto Saavedra were the authors of the granota goals while Salva was the one who scored for the visitors.

Jesús Gil fell in love with Ettien

At the break of the game, Jesus Gil spoke on the phone to Canal + from Marbella, amazed by the display of Ettien: “Look at this player huh, Ettien, I loved it. Uncle is a gazelle”. And that he still had to see the second part. In fact, it was said that the mattress president offered 1.000 million pesetas of the time to Levante by Ettien but Pedro Villarroel rejected the offer, like a superior of Racing de Santander who was from 1.200 approximately.

Ettien did not leave Levante and is the player who has worn the elastic granota the most seasons with 11 consecutively. His career was not as successful as one could imagine after that exhibition., but there is no doubt that it is a living history of the dean club of the city of Valencia.

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