The historical classification of Spanish Liga (updated in real time)

The historical classification of Spanish Liga (updated in real time)
So was the historical classification of the League Year 1951 (Memedeportes)

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Those who are lovers of history, statistics and of course football, usually have very present the historical classification of Spanish Liga.

It is true that when two teams meet, theoretically, history does not play and is something that should not influence when deciding a game but there are also those who maintain that may be important in a given time.

The Spanish Liga began in the season 1928-1929 and since then there have been many changes in classification. But nevertheless, as the years went by a number of clubs that have been placed in top positions.

Real Madrid, FC Barcelona Y Athletic Club de Bilbao are the only three teams have played every season of First Division. It is curious that despite this, the Atletico Madrid and the Valencia (yes have suffered some decline) exceeding the Basque side in the historical classification of Liga. This has created a debate on what should be considered the third team in Spain, something that we discussed in another article.

As we can see, throughout history they have been 63 teams that have played in the top flight of Spanish football. Some clubs list no longer exist and have been replaced by other (case CD Málaga Y Málaga CF for example).

When observing the classification, we have two points added up victories From season 1928-1929 to 1994-1995 (inclusive) so some teams that have played in the First Division in recent years have an advantage because they are 3 the points scored by victory.

Follow the historical LaLiga classification in real time

In this link you can follow the historical classification in real time and completely updated at the end of each day.


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