When Cantatore was fired live on the program José María García

When Cantatore was fired live on the program José María García
Vicente Cantatore, one of the best coaches in the history of Real Valladolid (let foxes)

The football 90 (although the current) It is full of the most surreal situations. At that time the leaders of the vast majority of clubs were quite 'quirky’ and often they starred the most bizarre stories. Vicente Cantatore, coach Real Valladolid, You can give a good account of it.

This time we travel 15 September 1997. Argentine coach, Chilean nationalized, era (and it still being) one of the most successful coaches in the history of vallisoletano set. Not in vain, with him on the bench the whole pucelano has managed to qualify twice to play European competition after removal of very complicated situations that foreshadowed a possible decline and he had also gotten into the final of Copa del Rey this season 1988-1989 but he lost against Real Madrid (1-0).

But nevertheless, that season 1997-1998 It did not start well for the Real Valladolid who he had chained three consecutive defeats after having assembled a team that flattered enough. We must contextualize that Marcos Fernández Fernández, president of the organization, He was hospitalized in the United States where he had been operated. At that time the vice president Marcos Antonio Fernández (your son) He was the one who was conducting the talks for the renewal of coach.

Cantatore despedido en directo en un programa de radio

The situation and environment around pucelano team was rarefied and the journalist José María García timed to coincide both live in your program Supergarcía of the Cadena COPE. The conversation was more heated and both, vice president and coach, They began to throw poison darts. Cantatore Marcos Fernández accused of lying son: “I arranged the contract with your dad in 5 minutes, he told me he did not want to spend more time. What you're saying is a lie”.

Logically these words did not sit well at the vice president of Real Valladolid that without thinking twice fired live: “Vicente, I'll give you the pleasure of telling you right now that are absolutely destitute”. Exclusive bombshell.

Among the fans he pucelana not sit well with the dismissal of coach far forms. Sevilla, Betis, Tenerife Y Sporting were the other teams who led Cantatore in Spain and in several departures and layoffs had the most bizarre.

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