Milinko Pantic, perfect stranger to legend Atletico Madrid

Milinko Pantic, perfect stranger to legend Atletico Madrid
Milinko Pantic was one of the most profitable signings in the history of Atletico Madrid (The Journal)

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When Milinko Pantic He came to Atletico Madrid in summer 1995 hardly anyone knew who he was. But nevertheless, shortly after, It was to become one of the most legendary players in the history of rojiblanco.

The arrival of the player to the entire Balkan Manzanares was most peculiar. His signing was recommended by Radomir Antic, he had just signed by the Athletic from the Real Oviedo, although according to the gossips, The first choice was Robert Prosinecki who had a very good season on loan in the Asturian set but he decided to return to Real Madrid.

Anyway, all efforts old They focused on midfielder done with that 29 years Panionios Greek. Definitely, a signing of the riskiest. According to own Pantic: “The coach insisted on signing me to the point of being willing to put money in your pocket. When I arrived I went straight to the concentration of pre-season and nobody knew me. They thought it was familiar or something Antic“.

On complete ignorance of him remembering jokes footballer a curious anecdote: “I still have a newspaper clipping newspaper Marca in publishing that Atletico are interested in signing the player Radic. They did not know as it was my name“.

Milinko Pantic, one of the best free kick takers in history

But nevertheless, Milinko Pantic soon he released. that season 1995-1996 It is one of the most important in the history of the mattress set. Not in vain, Radomir Antic's team managed to seize a historic double proclaimed champion of League and Cup with a player who was the extension of the coach on the pitch and causing real terror to opposing teams based faults and córners.

That season Athletic achieved the 49% their goals (37 of 75) pieces and Pantic It was the executor par excellence. further, the 10’ Athletic scored the decisive goal in the final of Copa del Rey played in Zaragoza against FC Barcelona, curiously, head after a good center Geli from the right.

The first two seasons Pantic at Athletic They were sublime. 50 matches in each counting all competitions being the author of 17 Y 16 goals respectively. Third, like is logic, his performance was declining though still disputed 38 matches, 19 as a starter authoring 3 goals.

His free kicks and corner will always be remembered for athletic fans who had the pleasure to see him play. Not in vain, on the corner of Vicente Calderón He was present a bouquet of flowers in his honor recalling the afternoon of glory in which this perfect stranger became legend rojiblanca. It is certainly one of The best players in the history of Atlético de Madrid.

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