UEFA Cup 1987-1988: When Sporting defeated Milan Sacchi

UEFA Cup 1987-1988: When Sporting defeated Milan Sacchi
Joachim and Tassoti, Sporting masters and Milan respectively (Photo: Jugandopachangas)

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According to experts, Sacchi's Milan has been one of the best teams in history. But nevertheless, all major projects carry their construction process and the Rossoneri, that already had a star-studded staff, He was defeated by Sporting Gijon in the first leg of the final treintaidosavos UEFA Cup 1987-1988.

In order to qualify for European competition, the Sporting He had achieved a creditable fourth place in the season 1986-1987 (the famous playoffs). That was the last campaign of the myth of sportinguismo, Quini, which had been honored and fired by his fans.

Sporting de Gijón defeats Sacchi's AC Milan

Thus, the Spaniard set facing forward to the first round of the UEFA Cup. The rival invited to enjoy a good luxurious tie. Until El Molinon traveled the Milan with Gullit, Ancelotti, Van Basten And a long etcetera. A star-studded team fichadas by newcomer Silvio Berlusconi whose aim was to dominate Europe, and he ended shortly after getting.

But nevertheless, in that first match in Gijón lands, Atletico I learned to stand up to Italian giant. Boys Jose Manuel Diaz Novoa They posed a very serious game and 0-0 It was maintained for several minutes on the scoreboard. However, the best was yet to come. In the minute 69 meeting a cross milanista area was poorly cleared and Jaime, Local footballer, butted without dropping marking a real goal that meant the 1-0 that would be final.

Delirium came to the stands of the stadium sportinguista still had to suffer attacks Van Basten, Gullit and Massaro among others. But nevertheless, that 16 September 1987 victory stayed home and beat Sporting Milan de Sacchi. The heroes of that historic night were: Pedro Rodriguez, Daddy, Ablanedo I, Jiménez, Espinosa, Emilio, Joaquin, Jaime, Cabrera, Eloy and Zurdi. Also they played: Marcelino and Juanma.

Sporting football players celebrate the goal scored by Jaime (Milanworld.net)

Sporting falls with controversy

The second leg, played in Lecce because the penalty fell on the stadium San Siro, It went to Milan rallied to win for more than misleading 3-0. Two goals from Italians thanks to two penalties were fairly discussed by the Asturian expedition. In fact, Own Diaz Novoa After the meeting declared: “This arbitration would not have improved and the president of Milan”

Thus the European dream Sporting Gijon it ended at the first hurdle but fans who lived that victory against one of the best teams always knew how to value. curiously, Milan crossed into the next round with RCD Espanyol Javier Clemente and it was eliminated by parakeets that season 1987-1988 They brushed against UEFA with fingertips, as we explained in another article.


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