Russian Racing

Russian Racing
Racing de Santander training season 93-94. Above, from left to right: Ceballos, Pablo Alfaro, Merino, Quique Setién, Radchenko y Zigmantovich. Down, from left to right: Roncal, Popov, Torrecilla, Gelucho and Geli (Twitter: Olympia)

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In the years 80 Y 90 there was a great wave of Russian signings of players who reached the Spanish League. The RCD Espanyol He was with several of them (Korneiev, Kuznetsov, My…), al Sporting Gijon others came (Lediakhov, Cherishev…). If there was a time when you could see the 'Racing of the Whiskers’, today we remember Racing de Santander Russian.

Who made up the Russian Racing??

ANDREI Zygmantovich

In the season 1992-1993 Santander group arrived at a central defender with prominent mustache and looks old-fashioned. Really it was not Russian but Minsk (Belarus). He played for four seasons Racing, the first one in the second division where the rise was achieved to the top flight. The typical player who occupied the position of libero practically disappeared. He came to play the World 1990 with the former USSR and its passage by the Cantabrian set left dissappointed in the hobby.


Both Dmitri, Popov y Radchenko, were the next to arrive in summer 1993. Both had a brutal performance in Santander to the point of being close to qualifying for European competition the team in the campaign 1993-1994 and signing great performances as the historic match against FC Barcelona. Popov He was a left-handed player with great quality that militated 3 seasons El Sardinero in which scoring was undisputed starter 21 goals. Meanwhile, Radchenko It was the top scorer in the 93-94 and the 94-95 with 11 Y 10 respectively goals which helped him to sign for Deportivo La Coruna.

Russian Racing
Popov and Radchenko was the most remembered Russians couple of years 90 in Spanish League (Twitter: football Float)


Lowering Radchenko necessitated a replacement at the point of attack. In this way the season 1995-1996 the Racing He joined another Russian player, Ilshat Galimzyanovich Faizulin. His role in the team was outstanding and although it did not reach the figures of its predecessor achieved 6 goals in 33 games in his first season. In his second year he was transferred to Villarreal CF.


Russian Racing He was completed with the arrival of three new players this season nationality 1996-1997. The first of them, Beschastnykh, It was the one who had better performance of the three. The front remained for 5 Santander seasons scoring a lot of goals especially in the first three in which was key to the permanence of the team in First Division. In his last season hardly she enjoyed great opportunities before the competition in attack with players like Munitis, Amavisca or Salva Ballesta. further, the decline in club 2000-2001 He provoked to do the suitcases.

So much Shustikov as Ulianov tuveron few opportunities Racing T-Shirt. The first came on loan and returned to the mountain where he had set more prominence but not quite jell. Ulianov I still had a less prominent role since after barely 6 parties returned to CSKA Moscow.


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