When the Levante U.D. Local he played at the Estadio Mestalla

When the Levante U.D. Local he played at the Estadio Mestalla
Formation of Levante UD in that historic season 1968-1969 in which he played at the Mestalla (Levante UD)

The rivalry between the Levante U.D. and the Valencia C.F. It goes back many seasons. But nevertheless, There was a time in which granotas They had to play at home in the Mestalla Stadium, home of the eternal rival.

This did not occur in a single party but Barca had to play an entire season complete. It was in the campaign 1968-1969 in which militated Levante, no more no less, in Third Division (we must clarify that at that time was the equivalent of Second Division B it would not be created until 1977).

The reason that granotas had to emigrate to the fief of the rival city, was none other than their stadium was under construction. The levantinismo was in the middle of moving from his mythical Vallejo Stadium, In the heart of the city, marcharse for the New Stadium (now rechristened Valencia).

The premiere home in Mestalla it was nothing hopeful. The Levante U.D. Stream received the CF who won by a forceful 2-4. that season 1968-1969 granota finished third in Group V Third Division (only the winner of each group was classified to dispute the promotion of ascent).

old Mestalla
Aspect of the Mestalla stadium in the late 60.

Other teams shared the Levantine set category were the CD Castellón, Villarreal CF O Nastic de Tarragona. A curious fact should be added that the Atletico Levante (Barca subsidiary) also active in this group.

Finalized this' historic’ season, Levante could open a 9 September 1969 their new stadium in a match that pitted him, precisely, al Valencia C.F. Valencia CF were imposed by 0-3. From then until today, granota home has been the same.


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