4 things to avoid in sports betting

4 things to avoid in sports betting

Last update April 23, 2021 by colgadosporelfutbol

Betting on sports and soccer is difficult. Unpredictability, the inherent biases we all have and last-second plays can crush your funds, without your fault. Even when you think you've bet on something safe, everything can fall apart.

Because it's not based on mathematical probabilities like when free online casino bets, betting on sports means there is rarely a play “correct” O “wrong”. Having said that, there are certainly some mistakes that can make it really difficult to make money over time.

In this article, I'm going to point out four things to avoid when betting on sports.

1 – Simply seek to win bets on value bets

Without “sure things” there would never be great upheavals. Keep that in mind the next time you think that betting on the favorite of -500 is the right move.

Sports betting is based on finding value in your plays. In a perfect world, you would only accept bets that pay more than you have to risk. When you accept big favorites and you're forced to bet big to win little, you put yourself in extreme danger of crushing loss.

If you think you can slowly grow your funds through small wins by taking big favorites, you are not the first to think about that idea. You also wouldn't be the first to realize it's not a sustainable strategy.

Instead of looking for the easiest wins, look for the losers you think can win. If your betting strategy depends heavily on having big favorites, it's time to reconsider your plan.

2 – Try to chase your losses with bigger bets

Double or nothing may be the right move on the basketball court, but when it comes to betting, rarely worth. After a lost bet, no matter how difficult it is, you should never try to win all your money on the next move.

The reality of sports betting, and actually of all bets, is that you will win some and you will lose others more. The probability that you will continue losing and winning streaks on several occasions is also very high.

A long-term approach is the only way to be successful in sports betting. Don't make bets out of frustration, and always make sure you stay within your budget. It is the only way to avoid crushing weeks and months that can put you in a really difficult financial situation..

3 - Buy points

In a nutshell, Buying points is one of the worst decisions you can make as a sports bettor. It doesn't matter how good you feel about a particular move to +10 what to +9.5, not worth the extra money.

Although it seems like you're constantly hearing about that last-second cover that made someone lose by half a point, they don't happen as much as you think. Most bets are won or lost by at least a couple of points. If you buy points and win you are only giving away your winnings, if you buy points and lose, you're just giving away more money anyway.

4 – Falling in love with your favorite team

If I suggest you never bet on your favorite team, it's bad advice. It's not so much that I'm wrong, but there's no way you can watch your team play all season and don't make a bet. A more realistic approach is to suggest that you should make your favorite team's game your smallest bet..


One of the best ways to be considered a sports player “successful” it's simply to avoid making the mistakes that plague the general betting public. If you are able to get out of your own way and make rational and high value plays, you will be amazed how profitable it can be.


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