The biggest sports betting scandals

The biggest sports betting scandals
The sports betting scandal splashed onto Italian football. Juventus was relegated to Serie B (Tuttosport)

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Along the history, sports betting has come under fire, but the truth is that they are not the problem. The matrix of drawbacks, are the correction behind those in charge of defining the results. Both in football matches, like tennis, they were born great scandals with hundreds of millions of dollars as protagonists. It has not only happened once, but several times in different disciplines.

After these controversial cases, new security measures have been put in place, but nevertheless, the scandals have not stopped. It doesn't matter if the league is small or big, corrupt acts have been carried out in different instances.

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In this post, we will mention you, only the most popular throughout history.

Fixed bets what are they and how do they work?

Before knowing this count of cases of fraud in the results, of which sports betting has been intruded, we have to know what rigged bets are and how they work.

They are seen as an immoral act, since you don't play fair in order to achieve a goal. In this case, the results, are predicted by hundreds of fans around the world and get them right, they would win an amount depending on the stake and the odds.

That's when the fixes appear, for the purpose of earning more money for such bets, sports event results can be arranged. These, they can be football matches full events or tennis duels, as discussed below.

Obviously, these actions are totally illegal, since the principles of sport, call for moral conduct. Victory is achieved by the person who performs the best strategy and not by whoever agrees on a result behind his back. Clearly, This result will bring economic benefits for large groups.

In cases like football, the procedure is the next. Being a discipline where many athletes perform, the main figure to persuade the referee.

These are some of the most notorious cases:

Italian soccer betting scandal

The most famous sports betting cases and rigged results, have been in Italy, although not all. For being this, one of the most important and well-known leagues, we will mention some:


This is the first on the list of 3 and it is called "Totonero" and took place in the 1980s..

Back then, the "black lottery", translation from italian, revealed how several players had participated directly. These, carried out bets on results of their own clubs.

At the time, when the news of those involved was known, the sanctions mainly affected teams such as AC Milan and Lazio Roma. The authorities in charge were forceful and made it descend from Series "A" to Series "B" (Italian second division).

Likewise, striker Paolo Rossi, was suspended for 2 years.


Juventus was the main affected, since two responsible for said fraud, they belonged to the club. In 2006, the well-known "Calciopoli" appeared to the perplexed gaze of many.

They were cases of corruption with referees who were bribed to define the results of various matches. Some teams like Juventus FC, AC Milan, Fiorentina y Lazio, appeared as the main affected.

Names like Luciano Moggi and Antonio Giraudo, stood out among the fraud managers or commanders. Being these, partes principales de la old lady, the bianconero team descended to Serie B, also started the season with 30 penalty points and lost his last 2 Titles, also called "scudetti".

Football bets

After that event, they all thought it wouldn't happen anymore, but it happened again in 2012. Investigations found players and managers from Serie A, B and Lega Pro, relationship with international organizations linked to money laundering.

The sanctions or legal actions threw 40 players and coaches arrested.

The Montpellier case

Now we go to French handball, with Montpellier as the protagonist. It also happened in 2012 when the league champion, was found guilty in rigged sports betting.

Several actors linked to the club, including players and coaching staff were involved in the case that raised € 250,000 in illegal profits. Behind bars, they finished 10 players, of the best known: Nicola Karabatic, Primoz Prost, Samuel Hanrubia and Mladen Bojinovic.

Tennis got stained

By last, we will cite a case in tennis. It was at the Sopot tournament, in Poland during the year 2007.

It was a meeting between the Russian Nikolay Davidenko and the Argentine Martin Vassallo Arguello, that for everyone known in the field, I had to win the first. After starting winning the first set, the crash had a dramatic change, lost the second and declared himself injured to give victory to his opponent.

Nonetheless, no evidence of clear fraud was found.

Bookies have been criticized time and time again, but the real culprits are other factors. Corruption is only an action in fertile scenarios, since the crime is mainly motivated by external actors. Another option to sports betting, that do not have problems of corruption and fixes, are the slot machines that you can find in places like Betsson.


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