The day that Depor lost to try to prevent the rise of Celta

The day that Depor lost to try to prevent the rise of Celta
The Uruguayan Barboza before the match between Sestao and Celta that marked the rise of his team 1987 (very Celeste)

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Rivalry Deportivo La Coruna Y Celta Vigo is not new, much less. The two teams Galician duels and clashes have lived for many years and for example the story we tell you today that dates from the season 1986-1987 known for the famous playoff botched both first and second what, Fortunately, only he carried out this campaign.

So much Depor as Celtic They militated at that time in the silver category and once finished the regular phase 34 days had to decide the rise in playoff. We not to bore staff summarize the situation by saying that the arrival of this last day ascent phase vigués club depended on himself to be first team and should play in Sestao against local team.

The only possible carom for the vigueses not succeed in passing up a victory CD Castellón and a defeat of Celta own two or more goals difference. The first of the premises was soon solved as set the opponent orellut It was him Depor I made no resistance and lost 0-2 aligning a team full of substitutes.

Los incidentes en el Deportivo-Celta

Anecdotally say that Sports-Castellón it had to play in Lugo by one-match ban hanging over Riazor precisely because some serious incidents between Depor and Celta hobbies two weeks before.

Anyway, victory Castellón It did not matter if the Celtic he could win, draw or lose by one goal difference in his party in Basque lands. Sestao traveled to thousands of celestial aficonados who populated the stands doing Stadium Las Llanas a little balaídos and they could celebrate a promotion because the match ended with goalless draw.

The rise of Celta in Sestao
Celta initial training in Sestao on the rise. In the background the large presence of fans who traveled celtarras seen to celebrate the rise (asiesono)

Another curiosity that we highlight in that game is played on the local box Mendilibar and his coach was Irureta soap dispensers Technical subsequently be both Depor as the Celtic. Alignment happened to the history of vigués set was formed by: Maté, Atilano, Hagan, Maraver, Motto, Nacho, Alvelo, Vicente, Cándido, Barboza and Baltazar. Also they played Tone and Gelo.

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2 thoughts on “The day that Depor lost to try to prevent the rise of Celta

  1. It was not exactly like that, I remember well. Depor neither left nor cared anything to lose the game. His war had ended two days earlier with an alarming robbery at Riazor, committed by the Asturian referee ineffable Diaz Vega, that gave the penalty a foul committed on Alvelo, meter and a half outside the area (This is clear footage of the TVG). The party from exile in Miño Stadium was an anecdote, without any inducement. Celta tied in Sestao because it was logical, given the interests of both sets. Look to other fields, when you lose it to a goal, It is foolish…

    However, it is true that the dream of any deportivista and celtista is to influence the way the objective is to screw his rival. There was ever results in this regard…

    1. You're right, sr. Turkish, the match against Castellón was not decisive, as, even winning, Castellón could not ascend (he stayed 10 points and victory was worth 2 points at that time). The A Coruña people could if they won, not albinegros, and the vigueses lost by one goal or more; but could RCD A Coruña, not the CD Castellón.

      In any case, the blue and white team did not lose their promotion options against the celestial ones, he lost them in La Rosaleda (and the green-blacks in Castalia) the day 43 (the penultimate of that infamous playoff), because both lost the option to get first to the last game; although it must be said that at that time playing away from home was a handicap and the Olympic team won in Balaídos over Rayo and took 2 points on his two contenders for promotion (53 by 51 of sestaotarras and coruñeses).

      That was the key day of all, well until that moment, The box from Vigo will not yet enjoy the promotion position (in the 41 the post was blue and white and 42, green black; in the 43 the celestial took it and kept it in the most important, the 44).

      In summary, that the picture of the North of Galicia was not lost in his exile from Lugo and that of the South depended on himself, as well as the Basque team itself. If the results were given, there could be up to a triple tie on the last day.

      And in the other group, the odd, there was the CD Logroñés, who was the one who in the end ascended together with RC Celta de Vigo and Valencia CF, although they arrived on the last day with their homework done and allowed themselves the luxury of losing their beating to other herculines, these from Alicante, by 4-1.

      And I confirm, as a Celtic, although I regret, that a good part of the hobbies of the two teams in the country, I don't know if at the level of being “a dream”, although it may be, enjoy fucking your rival's sports goal. What envy makes me see the two great Basques, that a few years before this, in the respective and last leagues they won there at the beginning of the 80 (also, the last of each), they played (coincidences of life!) the last day between them and there was no “glimpses” dreaming or wanting to screw up the neighbor's life making him lose the league to the detriment of teams from outside his land. Unlike, the hobbies were together in the stands.

      And precisely, in that controversial match in Riazor was when everything went on (and for many years, until recently, the mood seems to be more “normalized” -not at all, but if comparatively-) the insane rivalries between both Galician teams (In one word, the fools of each place took center stage).

      And went, precisely (How not!), because of politicians (thats weird!, Politicians dividing the people!) from each of the cities, one mayor, Paco Vazquez, and another one who wanted to be -although he fucked up a lot and was no more than a simple councilor-, un tal Leri, who helped theirs with trash of various kinds (incendiary statements and manga cuts) so that the spirits were clouded during the following decades and it was impossible to go see “Our Derby” in the opposite field with your scarf and your shirt calmly, as it happened until shortly before that time (until the end of 70 you could go perfectly without fear: there was rivalry, obviously, but no “enmity” no danger of physical impairment).

      Hopefully someday you can return to Riazor and Balaídos with your shirt and scarf, whichever is, and be able to enjoy the football festival and not jungle shows of repressed orangutans.

      Ala Hala Celta! and Forza Dépor!

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