The reason Pedrag Spasic was not about to sign for Real Madrid

The reason Pedrag Spasic was not about to sign for Real Madrid
Pedrag Spasic in its stage Osasuna (Photo: Spanish football)

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Figure Pedrag Spasic It is one of the most 'mythical’ the kids who discovered football in the early 90. This guy so unattractive, that looks bad guy, ungainly-looking and have many more years than I really had reached the Real Madrid in summer 1990.

The Yugoslav Central came to do a good World Cup in Italy. the Merengues needed to strengthen the axis of the rear to the more than possible departure of Argentine Ruggeri and was chosen Pedrag Spasic. The most curious thing is that the Real Madrid, chaired at the time by Ramon Mendoza, He was very close to discard his move because the player looked much older saying of his birth (25 years). Real Madrid president himself acknowledged in the presentation of the player as published daily The country the 18 July 1990:

“While we look at this player. His performance at the World ratified interest in us. It featured a quintet of men who were also the Walker English and Romanian Popescu. In the survey we do about them I can tell you anecdotally that our intention was to dismiss Spasic believing that exceeded 30 years, because of his baldness. When checking your age, We no longer look at the other players”.

Finally, and after the insistence of a legend like Don Alfredo Di Stéfano who he was captivated after seeing him in the World, the signing was closed for 200 million pesetas about.

Former captain Partizan Belgrade He arrived in Madrid and was soon christened 'The agent’ Spasic. The reason was none other than their dress in the style KGB spy, always with serious face and face tough guy. Its performance with white T-shirt makes it one of the worst signings in the history of Real Madrid because the bad luck was fattened with him.

Pedrag Spasic's own goal that ended his career at Real Madrid

He played 25 the official matches Real Madrid (22 League them) and only he scored one goal… in his own net. To top it was not a goal but it meant either the 2-1 final in the Camp Nou against him FC Barcelona. that season 1990-1991 the team led by Johan Cruyff He was champion after 5 consecutive titles whites.

The Bernabéu He took with him and the club he sought an immediate exit. It was Osasuna the team that showed more interest and signed the player who had a pretty good performance in 3 rojilla visited seasons shirt. curiously, Pedrag Spasic (which only scored 3 goals as osasunista) He was able to score a both Real Madrid in a match that ended in victory 1-4 The set target in conscious.

Before returning home to hang up his boots in the FK Radnicki Jugopetrol, He wore the tee Atletico Marbella Second Division with which he played only 8 matches. Definitely, a peculiar character 'The agent’ Spasic.

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