Andreas Brehme's contempt Real Zaragoza just landed

Andreas Brehme's contempt Real Zaragoza just landed
Andreas Brehme in a match with Real Zaragoza (Kaiser Magazine)

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Real Zaragoza is a historic club in Spanish football. The whole hand is one of the few who can boast of having achieved national titles (6 Cups and 1 Supercopa) and international (1 Fairs Cup and Arsenal won the Cup Winners Cup in 1995). But also He has had great players throughout its history as Andreas Brehme, protagonist of this article.

The side reached the Aragonese capital will season 1992-1993 when it already had 31 years after triumphing in the Kaiserslautern, Bayern Munich e Inter de Milan. German was a big star European football, She not in vain was proclaimed world champion with his selection in the World Cup Italia '90 It is also launcher penalty that led to the victory to his team in the final against Argentina.

The goal of Andreas Brehme
Brehme celebrates his goal in the final against Argentina that gave the World Cup to Germany (


But nevertheless, Andreas Brehme did not enter the right foot with statements he made just landed in Zaragoza to join the workforce led by Victor Fernandez: “If I signed for this team it is because I have not done it for Barca, since Johan Cruyff was unable rid of Richard Witschge, nor Atletico Madrid, with whom I had contacts through Bernd Schuster”. And it stayed so wide.

Unfortunately his performance on the field was not outrageously good that those words were quickly forgotten. His involvement with the blanquilla merely shirt 31 matches between League, Cup and UEFA Cup, scoring 4 goals.

Its irregular performance and frequent trips to Germany made the relationship with the coaching staff footballer, peers and deteriorating directive was forced marches. The trigger was a discussion with Victor Fernandez when he wanted to align on the left wing (his usual place) but the player refused and he was playing in the middle and understood that he was doing well. The technician moved the matter to the board and have stopped the German who left the club and returned home to play for his first club, the Kaiserslautern in which he played yet 4 seasons.

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  1. And err that err that Zaragoza won a Recopa in 1994… the end of the Recopa 94 Arsenal won against Parma

  2. That he underestimated the team is evident, but Brehme didn't play in the middle, he played inside instead of lateral. The anger came because in a game I think it was against Tenerife at home, victor wanted to put him on the side and refused- If he signed for Zaragoza it is because his wife was from here, from Utebo exactly and came to retire, Zaragoza had already tried, but there was still no Bosman law and the clubs could not have more than three foreigners. I have your postcard signed thanks to your father-in-law, family acquaintance.

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