FC Barcelona league champions eleven years later

FC Barcelona league champions eleven years later
Archibald and Sanchis in the match between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid at the Camp Nou this season 1984-1985 (The newspaper)

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A new season has begun and, again, Bookies as 888Sport.es They are given as favorite to take the title to FC Barcelona in front of Real Madrid Y Athletic. But nevertheless, that today we see as normal, it was not so for some time.

The FC Barcelona Champion League 11 years later! So they prayed most holders of the main Spanish sports dailies at the end of that season 1984-1985 in which the Catalans were the championship. To find the last Barcelona's league title had to go back to the season 1973-1974 in which, a newcomer Johan Cruyff, He led the team with players like Asensi, Martial, Carles Rexach or the Peruvian Hugo Sotil.

They were different times, without a doubt. Far from what happens today in a league 'bipolar’ in which Barca and Real Madrid the title year after year spread (with permission Athletic trying to keep pace), At that time it was not so simple for two of our football.

Without going further, the Catalans won the title after eleven seasons but looking further back, only they got out champions 2 occasions 25 years. Something totally unthinkable today.


further, the decade of 80 It started with Basque clear domain with two titles won by the Real society and two in Athletic Club de Bilbao. Donostiarras awarded the title campaigns 1980-1981 Y 1981-1982. Meanwhile, Lions did the same in the next two, that is to say, 1982-1983 Y 1983-1984.

Focusing on that season 1984-1985 we must say that the FC Barcelona It was imposed with authority. The party already made it quite clear that the League would be a matter of time for the Catalans was 'The classic’ which took place in the Camp Nou a 30 from December.

That day the home side got rid of Real Madrid by a tight marker 3-2 with goals from Migueli, And Gerardo Esteban Vigo. By the meringue set scored Sanchís and Butragueño.

Barco de Terry Venables

It was Barca Terry Venables with Alexanco, Schuster, Julio Alberto and Lobo Carrasco among others. England coach inculcated and recover the gene winner of a team that had lost and ended the competition with 10 points over the Atletico Madrid (at that time the victory was worth two points) exposing the superiority of the whole Camp Nou on the other rivals.

Eleven type used by England coach that season consisted of: far in goal; Gerardo, Julio Alberto, Alexanco Y Migueli in the defense; Bernd Schuster, I Calderé Y Victor Muñoz in midfield; Red Y Lobo Carrasco at the ends and the Scottish Steven Archibald (He ended the season as top scorer with 15 many) center forward.

curiously, From there he returned hegemony Real Madrid of 'La Quinta del Vulture’ which achieved 5 consecutive titles before handing the baton to Barca Cruyff that won 4 followed.

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