Is it more important to be a footballer athlete today?

Is it more important to be a footballer athlete today?
Is it more important than the physical level football today? (As)

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Football has changed a lot in recent years, that's obvious. There was a time when it was most important footballing quality above the physical. But nevertheless, nowadays, Most players have a own enviable body of an athlete.

This change does not only affect professional athletes. There is growing concern in society for having good health and many people who hire personal trainers and worry about their food. The sports nutrition store Myfitbody It is one of the best examples we can find on the net about what we're talking about.

When football began to professionalize, the physical level began to improve at all levels. Physical demand was growing and being a good player and was not the only important. If we compare the best players in the 60, 70 Y 80 (di Stéfano, Cruyff, Maradona…) with today (Ibrahimovic, Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi…) we realize that the change has been brutal.

In the same way, amateur level to new needs have arisen. Caffeine is a supplement that can help us improve our performance especially if we practice a team sport like football. It is proven that this substance helps improve alertness and decision making buy Tassimo capsules It is a highly recommended option.

Currently there is much debate on the street. On one side are those who argue that the footballing superstars level was higher than the current. For another, the 'cracks’ as di Stéfano, Cruyff or self Maradona They would have been much more difficult today because the physical level of all the players is much better than rivals faced in his time.

It is true that in the years 50 O 60 saw more than one 'tummy’ and also in the 80 Y 90 players had hardly hold out the tempo of the football today. It is also true that the great figures of the old soccer They had to suffer tickets and kicks that are unthinkable today as it cares much more to the 'players’ for the sake of the show.

As we say, the muscular bodies are fashionable. Figure that look the players and athletes in general to the present is far far from that of his predecessors. In the same way, most ordinary people go to gyms and trains every day with the aim of improving your body. There are many products that help us gain muscle mass. Here we show Myfitbody to take supplements to gain volume.

At what point he changed the world of football to the point that the physical level happened to have an importance above, even, quality of football?

For many, the World 1974 It was the birth of the modern football. In that tournament we saw a number of developments that broke with everything seen so far in the beautiful game. It was the first color (which produced the massive purchase of TVs, something that has already become a tradition every time a new major sporting event held.

But also, that the World 74 We did see a big change in the way you play. The great exponent was, Of course, 'The Oranje’. That Holland masterfully directed by Rinus Michels on the bench and Johan Cruyff on the lawn marked a before and after. Unfortunately (for them) the Dutch team lost the final to become the most famous runner in history.

¿Footballer or athlete?

So, after all exposed in this article, Do you think that is most important physical condition or quality football to succeed today? A good athlete can succeed in the world of football with a level 'justito'? Were the players better before than now but had poorer physical preparation?



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