Stoichkov's pisotón the referee Urizar Azpitarte

Stoichkov's pisotón the referee Urizar Azpitarte
Stoichkov and Urizar in the discussion (Digital stadium)

Is one of the best (possibly the best) Bulgarian players in history. At FC Barcelona It was everything and became a fan favorite. But nevertheless, its volcanic and impulsive character caused him more of a problem throughout his career. Today we remember one of the most notorious: the pisotón Stoichkov the referee Urizar Azpitarte.

The 5 from December to 1990 It was played in Camp Nou the first leg of the Spain Supercup between FC Barcelona and the Real Madrid. Needless to say it was a party in style between the two giants of Spanish football. In a set of game, Chendo Y Stoichkov They tussled for the ball and the Bulgarian fell to the ground. Tonight's match said no foul FC Barcelona coach, Johan Cruyff, She berated him for it which earned him expulsion.

From there a monumental mess was armed. The audience showed their anger by removing white handkerchiefs (quite normal at that time) while the Bulgarian Barça He was also expelled. That's when the stomp came Stoichkov the referee of the match on his right foot. The action was so quick and confused commentators of TeleMadrid own thought the referee was hit by an object thrown from the stands.


Even though Stoichkov He was punished 6 months that, Bulgarian finished the season (his first as a footballer Barça) as top scorer with 14 goals, one more than his companion Jose Mari Bakero. The striker had to learn to control his fiery character although not always succeed because it is also true that helped him be who he was.

That was for the Supercopa Real Madrid he beat 0-1 at Camp Nou and he thrashed in the Santiago Bernabeu by 4-1 a second leg that will always be remembered by The goal marked by Santi Aragon. But nevertheless, this was the beginning of Dream Team Cruyff which he was able to win the first of four consecutive league plus the first European Cup won at Wembley club.

Almost 30 years later, Hristo Stoichkov He apologized, in their own way, the referee Urizar Azpitarte (whose unofficial name from that day was 'Urizar Alpisarte'). The Bulgarian was honored in Sofia by Bulgarian sports minister and among the guests by former player included both former referee and his wife. Thus, an episode that marked both race '8’ Barca was settled.

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