Deportivo Alaves first team to ascend to First Division history

Deportivo Alaves first team to ascend to First Division history
Alaves template that achieved the first ascent in the season 1929-1930 (Photo: El Correo Vasco)

The Deportivo Alavés It is one of the historic Spanish football clubs. known as ‘El Glorioso’, soon he began to reap successes. In fact, this nickname comes from the first edition in the history of the Spanish League, in the season 1928-1929, in which the Basque team became one of the most rocky teams in the competition.

In 1928 and just before the creation of the league competition in Spain, the Deportivo Alavés Regional Championship runner-proclaimed Vizcaya behind the Athletic Club de Bilbao, something that allowed him to contest the Cup in which Spain was champion of the league and reached the semifinals in the FC Barcelona (who would become the champion of that edition) I eliminate it.

Deportivo Alaves, the first team to promote to Primera in history

With the creation of the League, the Alaves It was framed in the Second division that season 1928-1929. This year, the Sevilla was champion of the category Silver but by then the winner of the competition did not rise directly but playing a playoff against bottom club promotion of First, which was the Racing de Santander who he managed to stay. The Basque team finished third two points behind the leader.

It was the season, the 1929-1930, when Deportivo Alavés made history getting the first promotion to the history of the Spanish League. That season was agreed that the champion of the category of silver itself should ascend directly without having to play promotion. The Glorioso’, that season was done with great players like Jacinto Quincoces O Ciriaco Errasti (who formed one of the best pairs of central time) He managed to become champion of Biscay (so again contest the Cup) Second Division champions and becoming the first team to climb.

Albiazul set remain in the top flight for three consecutive seasons and would be champion of Biscay one year after revalidating the title. It was the first time “glorious” of the Basque club who achieved his greatest success in 2001 when faced the Liverpool in the final of the UEFA Cup being runner-up.


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