Jesus Gil punch the manager of Compostela

Jesus Gil punch the manager of Compostela
Jesus Gil Mike Tyson but emulated version cacharrera. Photo: Capture / Youtube

As we tell in our article on the most peculiar presidents 90, leaders today eNo day has little or nothing to do with those who occupied the chairs of football clubs already more than two decades. The Mendoza, Ruiz Mateos, Lopera, cuervas, Caneda or Gil, They were very colorful and original types that Spain 'cañi’ of decades. Precisely the latter two staged one of the most tatty and unfortunate incidents in the history of Spanish football when Jesus Gil He punched the manager of Compostela.

The day Jesús Gil wanted to emulate Mike Tyson

There was a 8 March 1996, at the door of the headquarters of the League in a meeting over the presidents of the teams that were at that time. The always quirky and quaint Jesus Gil y Gil, and manager Compostela, Jose Gonzalez Fidalgo They staged an incident that went around the world.

An alleged insult Fidalgo voters Marbella (then under mayor by Jesus Gil) caused that President athletic react releasing a punch with a very unorthodox style club manager compostelano. Obviously, good 'cisco he plucked’ which continued inside the building Professional Football League.

President Compostela, He also quirky Caneda, he had been a boxer in his youth, He jumped to see how his partner was attacked and got into the fight and in an exchange of insults and threats. Among many insults, threats and insults highlighted the “Where you want” and the “pile of shit” of Caneda Y Fidalgo They are colliding against “to give you another” a Gil all is said, He was accompanied by two bodyguards morlacos which of course would not let him meet the President of Atletico Madrid. As they say on many occasions, better image, in this case a video, a thousand words to explain what happened.

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