The reason for Alfonso's white boots at Real Betis

The reason for Alfonso's white boots at Real Betis
Alfonso with his white boots. At the bottom, Luis Aragones, coach of Real Betis (Cars Forum)

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Alfonso's white boots are part of the football memories of the years 90. Madrid striker, who displayed his best football in the Real Betis, surprised everyone with something that, at the time, it was a novelty.

La Liga 1996-1997 was baptized as ‘The League of Stars‘. The 10 November, the match corresponding to the twelfth day between the Real Betis and the Real society. It was then that both teams jumped onto the field of play and the public could see with surprise Alfonso's white boots, greenish forward.

Betis won by two goals to one and Alfonsito marked the first of the afternoon. It was the sixth in his private account in that season in which he ended up as national top scorer with 25 targets, only surpassed by Ronaldo, FC Barcelona attacker.

Since then, Alfonso's white boots became a topic of debate. There were many who found it an extravagance, others were somewhat reluctant since it was a color palangana (nickname with which Seville fans are known, bético eternal rival). It was even said that the footballer had chosen this color for his Real Madrid past.

But nevertheless, the protagonist himself was in charge of clarifying it: “It was not commercial issues that led me to wear white boots, but my attraction to the new and the desire to explore unusual proposals at the time”.

Alfonso's white boots set the trend

From that moment, many soccer players began to wear colored boots. Own Fernando Morientes, Alfonso's friend, I used to play with red ones, also from the brand scope. In other countries such as Italy many other more striking colors became fashionable.

But nevertheless, It should be clarified that many years before, in the early 70, an english footballer, Alan Ball, already jumped onto the pitch in white boots. At that time, the brand Hummel was the one in charge of sponsoring the footballer who did not hesitate to accept.

In Spain, The person in charge of promoting this normal concept today was, without a doubt, Alfonso. In fact, got to play with green ones too (wink at the team in your life, the Real Betis) to return back to the target soon after.

Alfonso goal
Alfonso celebrates his goal against Yugoslavia in the Euro 2000 (Digital freedom)

With those boots he was able to score many goals with the green and white shirt and some with the Spanish team, like the one the classification meant in extremis against Yugoslavia in the Eurocopa of the year 2000, possibly, the most important of his career.

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