Historic matches whose outcome could have been very different with the VAR

Historic matches whose outcome could have been very different with the VAR
In World 1986, Maradona made two of the most famous goals in history. The first of them, known as 'The Hand of God' It would likely have been canceled today with VAR (Goldevestuario)

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the VAR here to stay and forever changed the world of football. The technology has reached all areas of our life and, obviously, the sport that we love would not be an exception. But nevertheless, with arrival, far from disappearing, controversy still exists. Today we analyze some historical plays games whose outcome could have been very different with the video refereeing.


God's hand
The famous' Hand of God’ Maradona (Goldevestuario)

At World 1986, Maradona made two the most famous goals in history. The first of them, known as 'The hand of God’ possibly it had been canceled at present the VAR. Later, 'The fuzz’ He was commissioned to score a goal genuine leaving all Englishmen who waylaid. Argentina He achieved the victory 2-1 as Lineker He pulled one back for the British. The albiceleste ended up winning that World Cup.


the VAR
Hurst ghost goal (Information)

If the goal Maradona It was an important game (quarterfinals of a World) the ghost goal of England against Germany it was much more. British and Germans disputed the end of the World Cup 1966 in Wembley. The match, tied to two goals, was in full extension when a release Ian Hurst He hits the crossbar and bounced over the line.

Local claimed goal and the referee gave him after consultation with the linesman. Years later, thanks to technology, it was shown that the ball is not totally exceeded the line so he should not go up to the scoreboard. So that could decide a title of world champion.

Tassotti elbowed

the VAR
Luis Enrique's rage was all Spanish (Cope)

It is one of the most iconic images of Spanish football. Luis Enrique bloodied after receiving a Tassotti elbowed brutal in the quarter-finals of the US in 1994. Spain fell defeated unjustly and the VAR, possibly, the Italian had been expelled and the referee had indicated penalty. But nevertheless, the story was quite different. Roberto Baggio scored the 2-1 final after Julio Salinas marrara a clear opportunity for Spanish and 'The Red’ He packed up.


the VAR
Henry was helping hand to control the ball (Sports world)

To help him with his hand to score a goal is not unique Maradona. France He failed to qualify for the World Cup South Africa 2010 thanks to Henry's hand. The Gallic footballer helped her to control the ball on a plate give the goal to teammate Gallas. With that much, French got the ball while Ireland was eliminated. Again the VAR I could have prevented this injustice.


the VAR
Ivan Helguera protest the Egyptian trencilla at the end of the match between Spain and South Korea (The Journal)

Impossible to forget one of the most scandalous arbitrations World Cup history. Spain was again injured. The set of José Antonio Camacho were eliminated in the quarterfinals (again) against the host South Korea. The result might have been different if the Egyptian referee, Al Ghandour, I would not have canceled two totally legal goals to the Spaniards in addition to a completely partial arbitration favoring the home.


Míchel goal to Brazil
Míchel's goal against Brazil in Mexico '86 (ABC)

If you thought the list of refereeing errors against Spain had ended were wrong. Fortunately, this time, The game was not as important as although Míchel's goal against Brazil he must get on the scoreboard, Spaniards also managed to go round. It was in that historic debut Mexico '86 World and the game ended with victory 'canarinha’ by 0-1. Belgium is responsible for ending the dream 'La Furia’ in the quarterfinals in a fateful penalty shootout.

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4 thoughts on “Historic matches whose outcome could have been very different with the VAR

  1. You forget about the barsa scandal at Chelsea's house and the “robontada” of the same against PSG. Two of the biggest embarrassments in European football.

  2. Interesting also see the quarterfinal match in the Olympics of 92 in Barcelona when they annulled a nonexistent offside goal for Italy against Spain

  3. You forget the penalty invented in the final of the world italy 90, codesal criminal mark that is not and they expel sensini

  4. And the World Cup final 1990 and the penalty that never existed with which Germany won, against Argentina, a dispossession and an embarrassment for football. In 2006 in the quarters again Germany was favored when Klose took Abondansieri out of the game with one leg and did not see the red card, minutes later tied the game. And what about the German goalkeeper's penalty against Higiain in the 2014 final... and so keep checking that there is more .

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