What happened in the Cup final 1988 between Barça and Real Sociedad?

What happened in the Cup final 1988 between Barça and Real Sociedad?
Starting lineup of the Royal Society at that end of 1988 txuri with urdin fans to the bottom (Photo: Twitter Olympia)

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When you look back check is often a very different reality to the current. An example is Cup final 1988 he faced the Barça Yet the Real society.

Real Sociedad FAVORITA

To begin we must say that the Real society It was the clear favorite to lift the Cup. Not in vain, set donostiarra (what He had won two consecutive league at the beginning of the decade of the 80) still very strong in that season 1987-1988.

That 30 March 1988 the two teams came totally antagonistic situations. The Real society ranked second table in the League 8 points Real Madrid of the Quinta del Vulture, intractable leader. It is recalled that at that time still amounted victories 2 points.

Meanwhile, the FC Barcelona I was having one of the worst seasons in its history. The Catalans occupied the ninth place in the table and were closer to relegation than European places. In fact, that was the Cup final straws to grab the club to qualify to contest the Recopa and not remain outside Europe for the first time in its history.


The Santiago Bernabeu was the venue chosen for this final will be played. But nevertheless, as he published daily The country, the party did not generate the slightest interest among neutral fans. In fact, They not even among the Catalan side since only attended… 4.000. Amazing.

Quite the opposite happened with the txuri urdin fans who flocked. More of 25.000 Real fans were present at the Coliseum merengue confident that his men prove their superiority and added up a new title winners of the club.

But nevertheless, The game ended with a terse 1-0 for Barca with a lone goal Alexanco. Luis Aragones (who took charge of FC Barcelona bench after the dismissal of Terry Venables) achieved a more than necessary for the club title but left after the season, in fact, surely would have resigned if that fall into Cup final 1988.

The disappointment among the fans of the Real society It was very large. In fact, even after so many years, still latent feeling that there were players who did not put all their efforts to win that game because they were signed to the club (Bakero, Begiristain and Lopez Rekarte changed sides at the end of the campaign).

Barca signings
Lopez Rekarte, Begiristain and Bakero in his presentation at the Camp Nou (Photo: Sports world)

As we say, after winning the cup, Luis Aragonés left the bench where he arrived Johan Cruyff. Thus, Barca went from a disastrous situation to inicio del Dream Team who achieved Recopa the following year to complete the 4 Consecutive leagues plus the first European Cup won at Sampdoria in Wembley 1992.

CUP FINAL lineups 1988

FC Barcelona: Zubizarreta; Gerardo, Migueli, Alexanko, Julio Alberto; Urban, Schuster, Roberto, Victor (I Calderé, me. 56); Carrasco and Lineker

Real society: Arkonada; Zúñiga (Sources, me. 69), Górriz, Larrañaga, pledged, Lopez Rekarte; Zamora, And Bakero (Uría, me. 64), hero II, Begiristain and Loren

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  1. and Bakero's rat shook my hand and winked at the Hondarribia airport when I yelled at him all excited as he passed “to win, eh?”, saying goodbye to them before taking the plane that took them to Madrid… I had 15 years and a sheet with the signatures of the entire team… what a big disappointment. I am not against players aspiring to higher sporting and economic goals, but what I do not consent to is the betrayal that these three did to us by not defending the jersey of the club to which you owe everything in a great final like that one., 32 years we have had to wait to play another final, how to let you win. not forgiven.

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